Hamish Linklater

REVIEW: 'The Vandal' at Steep Theatre ★★★

REVIEW: 'The Vandal' at Steep Theatre ★★★

If two shows can constitute a trend, then the latter half of 2014 is turning into the Year of the Desperate Woman Waiting for a Bus. In Martyna Majok's "Ironbound," produced in August with Steppenwolf's First Look Repertory, we saw the same woman over 20 years at a bus stop in a desolate stretch of Elizabeth, N.J. In Hamish Linklater's "The Vandal," now in its local premiere with Steep Theatre Company, it all happens in one night. But what a night!

Linklater, whose acting resume includes a stint in last season's CBS sitcom "The Crazy Ones," made his playwriting debut with "The Vandal" in 2013. It's a compact work that, particularly in director...