Garrett Hedlund

Golden Globes 2016: Matt Damon makes an early break, Lady Gaga stumbles and other party scenes

The evening of the Golden Globes is arguably the best night of the year for Hollywood parties. At the Beverly Hilton alone, there are six big events — parties hosted by HBO, the Weinstein Co./Netflix, NBCUniversal, Fox/Hulu, Amazon and Warner Bros./InStyle. Many onlookers just camp out in the hotel lobby to see stars as they bounce among bashes.

With so many options it's difficult to know where the action is taking place, so when the show lets out, a sea of people in tuxedos and gowns pours out of the Hilton ballroom looking perplexed: Where to go first? We decide on Fox, since it's been a big night for the studio with wins for "The Revenant" and "The...