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David Fincher

So the S&M-themed 'R100' is meant to be funny?

So the S&M-themed 'R100' is meant to be funny?

Like some lunatic hybrid of David Fincher's "The Game" and Takashi Miike's "Audition" reimagined as a comedy, "R100" revolves around a one-year subscription to an S&M service — much like a fruit-of-the-month club, only with a selection of dominatrixes paying surprise visits to administer an assortment of pain. Mild-mannered furniture salesman Takafumi Katayama (Nao Omori of "Ichi the Killer") initially seems to be a happy customer who reaches a state of CGI-enhanced euphoria after each session — until the dominatrixes give his adorable son, Arashi (Haruki Nishimoto), a hogtied voodoo doll and show up at the furniture store...