Suspect's MySpace Hints At Murder
Murder suspect Steven "Boston" Colver's MySpace page had a link to a Japanese Anime film that featured a knife wielding killer. He is accused of helping stab Joanne Witt in her El Dorado Hills home. Witt's daughter, Tylar Witt, is also in custody for the murder.

Colver's MySpace page features poetry and dark images of Japanese Animes. Friends say he was fascinated with Japanese swords and knives. The page, since removed, had a link to a animated film titled "Death Note", which features a brooding hero who tries to justify killing evil people.

But former California State University sociology professor Tom Kando says it's a stretch to conclude that the page predicts a murder.

"That in and of itself is not any kind of evidence that he was headed for trouble and murder," he said.

Kando is a juvenile crime expert who says that the Columbine High School massacre prompted a search for behavoirs that could predict murderous violence. But he said list of "red flag" behavoirs include getting depressed and arguing with parents are unreliable.

"Those lists are absurd because they include things we have all done at one time or another," said Kando.

Colver also has a Face Book page that shows that he has many friends and shows no indication of being brooding or suicidal.