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Cinestudio Hosting April in Paris Film Festival

Cinestudio Hosting April in Paris Film Festival

Mariette Monpierre grew up in Paris not knowing her father. When she was an adult she went to her native country, Guadeloupe, to try to find him. "I really yearned to see his eyes, feel his touch, be hugged by him," Monpierre said.

Her trip was not a happy one. "He rejected me," she said. But she added, "it was a necessary meeting for me, to turn the page and move on and know where I was from and learn about my identity."

Monpierre, a filmmaker, turned her personal journey into a movie. "Le Bonheur D'Elza," the story of a Frenchwoman in Guadeloupe looking for her out-of-wedlock father, is one of the highlights of this year's April in...