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Amherst College Dropping 'Lord Jeff' As Mascot

Amherst College Dropping 'Lord Jeff' As Mascot

AMHERST — When Caryl-Rose Pofcher prepared to move to this town 12 years ago, she had only a vague understanding of who Lord Jeffery Amherst was.

When she landed here, she couldn't escape his name. It was on a coffeeshop, a dry cleaner, a bookstore and the tiny, historic liberal arts college that dominates one side of town.

So she did some research, and terms like "smallpox blankets" jumped out at her.

"It makes me a little uneasy, but I forget about it usually, until a tourist comes to town to stay with me," Pofcher said Wednesday as Rover, her English bulldog, tugged at his leash. "Then I remember it and cringe."

But Tuesday...