Defense Department civilians furloughed through sequestration had the option to appeal the decision to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Now that hte board has placed a temporary hold on these cases, and now two Republicans from Virginia's congressional delegation are raising an alarm.

Reps. Rob Wittman of Westmoreland and Frank Wolf of Northern Virginia are urging the board to make prompt decisions on the appeals.

In a letter to Board Chairman Susan Tusui Grundmann, the two congressmen concede that the furloughs put a greater burden on the board, and they "appreciate" the board's commitment to consider and ajudicate the cases.

"However, we remain concerned thyat the decision to put a hold on the appeals cases of furloughed DoD civilians unfairly sets them apart from their colleagues across the federal goverment."

Both Wittman and Wolf have criticized the furloughs, but they say they "are not urging a certain outcome for these appeals cases."  They just want them to be treated fairly.

We'll keep you posted.