toilet seats are cleaner than cellphones?

toilet seats are cleaner than cellphones? (morguefile / January 14, 2014)

'I would rather lick a toilet seat than a cellphone' - microbiologist comes clean.

A toilet seat. Seriously.

Microbiologist David Coil writes on that bacteria exist everywhere and some are perfectly fine and actually beneficial. Including, he says, most E.coli.

And all those shocker stories where they Q-tip cellphones or other household items and grow bacteria in a Petri dish for the seeming purpose of scaring the bejesus out of us are so much hokum.

Only a tiny bit of bacteria are "genuine pathogens," Coil writes.

And ... toilet seats are actually "quite clean," he says, given that the part of the body that makes contact with said seat doesn't harbor many microbes, and toilet seats are cleaned quite often.

Although I've been in public restrooms that look like they haven't seen bleach and a toilet brush since the Bush Administration. Senior.

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