The Hampton-Phoebus rivalry: From A to Z

In high school, Phoebus' Xavier Adibi was an outstanding running back.


Assistants | The common denominator for these programs is continuity in the coaching staff. Danny Mitchell and Alvis Mann have been Mike Smith's right-hand men at Hampton for the better part of three decades. New Phoebus coach Stan Sexton wisely kept longtime assistants Greg Narvid, Dick Van Dyke and Greg Day.


Brown, Jay | He was the Phantoms' starting quarterback before transferring to Hampton prior to his senior year in 1997. But Phoebus officials claimed his family hadn't moved into the Crabbers' school zone. It went to the Peninsula District's Executive Committee, which unanimously decided Brown was eligible.


Curry, Ronald | The incomparable one. Of the state-record 185 touchdowns he had a hand in over his brilliant career, 13 came in four games against the Phantoms. He had 357 total yards and five scores in his sophomore game. But his biggest moment came on a two-point conversion pass as a freshman in a 22-21 win.


Dee, Bill | Before his arrival in 1985, Phoebus was 27-60 in nine seasons against varsity competition. But Dee changed everything with a 215-64 record during his 24 years. In his final eight seasons on Ireland Street, Phoebus went 98-9 with four state championships. To say he made the program what it is would be a tad obvious.


Eastern Region | Together, Hampton and Phoebus have won 12 of the last 15 Eastern Region Division 5 championships. The Phantoms have won the last three years. The Crabbers had a streak of five in a row from 1995-99.


Forfeit | In 1980, Hampton beat Phoebus 24-0 in the second game of the season. But the VHSL later ruled that Crabbers receiver John "Butch" Pegram, a Menchville transfer, was ineligible. Hampton had to forfeit. It was the Phantoms' first "victory" in the series, though their first real one wouldn't come for another 10 years.


Gallbladder | Five days before these teams met in the 2003 playoffs, Hampton coach Mike Smith was hospitalized with gallbladder problems. On Wednesday, two days before kickoff, he underwent emergency surgery. Danny Mitchell and Alvis Mann handled the sideline in his absence. The Phantoms won 24-20.


Hallmark cards | According to well-placed sources, Mike Smith and Bill Dee never exchanged them.


I-formation | The run-and-shoot, the wishbone, the spread … all fun and interesting. But at their best, Hampton and Phoebus have done it the old-fashioned way by lining up in the I and pounding opponents with a power running game.