Brey, Notre Dame poised to continue success in ACC

"They go for the first down a little bit more in our league. They put their head down and go, and sometimes you still can't stop them because they're so strong. That's that I-95, D.C., Jersey … mentality."

The D.C.-to-Boston corridor has been Notre Dame's recruiting wheelhouse throughout Brey's 13 seasons, and that's unlikely to change. But with ACC membership, Solomon hopes the Irish can begin targeting states such as Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.

Early Saturday afternoon, in fact, Solomon left Hampton to scout an undisclosed prospect elsewhere in Virginia.

"Starting in the fall, as soon as we made the (ACC) announcement, Slo actually made some Carolina and Georgia trips, and I think we have to look at that," Brey said, using Solomon's nickname. "We've not been confident recruiters in that region. We just didn't want to waste time. …

"I'm (also) intrigued to see what it does in the Big Ten footprint. I've battled the Big Ten my whole career out there. Any kid in the Midwest you recruit, they're in the Big Ten world. Two of them we got on the rebound, Scott Martin (transferred from Purdue) and Garrick Sherman (transferred from Michigan State), I couldn't get them out of (high school).

"Now that we have the ACC to offer and we're still an hour-and-a half from their home, or two hours, I think we can have more juice in the Midwest. We've been on a great roll in Indiana (with three signees for next season)."

Big East colleagues Syracuse and Pittsburgh join Notre Dame as ACC rookies in 2013-14, and a year later, reigning national champion Louisville will arrive to replace Big Ten-bound Maryland. Wisely, ACC officials want to acquaint fans of the new schools with the league's basketball bell cows, as next season's schedule reflects.

"How spoiled are our fans?" Brey said. "The first year we have Carolina and Duke and N.C. State all coming to our building. We had about 400 calls to the ticket office (Tuesday) when that was announced. …

"I told our staff, 'Look at the cities we're in next year. We're in Miami, we're in Atlanta, we're in D.C., we're going to be in New York playing Ohio State in the Garden, we're in Boston. We have got it covered in a corridor that's great for our alumni base and fan base."

Brey's assistants are compiling 30-minute scouting tapes on their new ACC rivals, and this summer the staff will begin analyzing them. Breaking down tendencies in a dark room doesn't rate with playing golf at the beach, but Brey's enthusiasm for the task and the move to the ACC are visible and audible.

"I never thought I'd be coaching in this league at Notre Dame," he said. "I've always had a special love for the ACC."

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