Hampton's Daunte Wilson isn't much for social media.

Hampton's Daunte Wilson is the latest in a long line of Crabbers from his family. (Mark Graziano, Daily Press / October 15, 2012)

It wouldn't take long to conclude that when it comes to the American teenager, especially one who plays football, Hampton's Daunte Wilson is bucking the trend.

On this Friday afternoon, Wilson strolls the hallways between classes in a gray blazer with a blue V-neck sweater and a white button-down dress shirt. Few seem to notice it as unusual.

"I like to clean up once a week," Wilson explains.

He's a high school senior who has no use for Twitter or Facebook. No need to update the world on every detail of his day.

Video games are all right. But for Wilson, a fun day is hanging out at his grandmother's house in Virginia Beach, where he can do just about everything from archery to riding horses to swimming.

"When we were younger, most of our time in the summers were spent over there," Wilson said. "You drive down this rocky road, there's a mailbox, and you keep driving and there's a horse field here, a horse field there, a barn and her house. And just woods surrounding the whole area.

"We go fishing in a big pond. We go four-wheeling. We're outside the whole day. You cook on a grill and eat outside."

The only time anyone goes indoors is when, you know, nature calls.

The Wilson family likes to be active, and sports — particularly football — is a big part of it. Wilson's father, James, played it at Hampton High, the University of Tennessee and briefly in the NLF. His older brother, Tyrel, is a former Crabber who now plays at Virginia Tech. His younger brother, 7-year-old Jaylen, is following right along.

And there's his mother, Shari, probably the biggest sports nut in the family.

Daunte is the third member of his immediate family to play for Mike Smith. He's the seventh of his extended family. Among his cousins are former Crabbers Myron Newsome, David Watford and Marques Hagans and current Hampton quarterback Deon Newsome.

"It's all in the family network," Smith said. "A lot of football players come through that family."

It's a source of pride for Daunte Wilson.

"We're all die-hard Crabbers to the fullest," he said. "When I was growing up, I always saw Coach Smith and Coach (Danny) Mitchell. They've been a part of my life since I was little.

"When I was on the JV team in the eighth grade, I was the water boy (for varsity) so I could just be on the field. Just to be in that atmosphere."

Now that he's there, Wilson is a key player on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he starts at center, where he begins every play. On defense, he's been moved from defensive end to middle linebacker, where he calls the formations.

In last week's 41-0 win over Warwick, Wilson (6-foot-1, 200 pounds) had six tackles, one sack and an interception. He has three picks for the season, two of which came in a win over Norcom.

"We moved him to middle linebacker out of necessity and he's filled right in," Smith said. "He gets better every game. He's a very intelligent kid and gets everybody in the right spot most of the time."

Chalk that up to being around the game all his life.

"I've always studied the game, so it comes naturally to me," he said. "When I see an offense, I know what defense we should be in. It's more common sense to me. I guess because my whole family is football."