Order Valentine's chocolates online
There are Valentine's Day sweet deals - if you can call anything Valentine-themed a bargain - available. Shop online for some of your favorite chocolates with a sampling of current sales and promotional offers:

Chocolat: If you're sweetie is sweet on Lindt or Toblerone - here's the source. www.chocolat.com

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  • POLL: Who will you be cuddling up with on Valentine's Day this year?

    It's almost here - Valentine's - when chocolates, kisses, flowers and sweet nothings rule the day. Who will you be sharing special moments with this year?


    • My hunny bunny
    • My punkin pie
    • My sweetie
    • My baby doll
    • Me, myself and I - and I'm OK with that
    • Me and the cat and I'm bitter about it; the cat's getting more presents than I am.
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Fannie May: Buy $35 worth of goodies and get a pound box of chocolates for free with promo Code: 16025 at checkout.www.FannieMay.com


Godiva: Check out their sale items, including chocolate cupcakes and truffles.

M&M's has a limited time 'buy three get one free' offer tied to their current television commercial. You access the site with a special extra 'free' added to the url used for your online purchase. But wait, there's more: during the week of January 24, you can also receive free shipping on orders of $60 or more with the promo code: BEMINE

See's: A Southern tradition. www.sees.com

Williams-Sonoma: Beautifully crafted gifts but don't expect Valentine's gift bargains (until after the holiday)