Sept. 12, 1570 Spanish Jesuits stop at Indian village of Kecoughtan en route to establishing settlement on the York River.

1597 Chief Powhatan's warriors seize Kecoughtan and install his son Pochins as chief.

April 30, 1607 English settlers land at Kecoughtan en route to establishing settlement at Jamestown.

Dec. 29, 1608 English settlers led by Capt. John Smith seek shelter from nor'easter at Kecoughtan village, observing the first recorded Christmas in English America.

Oct. 11, 1609 English settlers establish Fort Algernourne at Old Point Comfort.

July 9, 1610 Sir Thomas Gates drives Indians from Kecoughtan, followed by the construction of Forts Henry and Charles at the mouth of the Hampton River.

July 30, 1619 The "ancient borough" of Kecoughtan is renamed Elizabeth City.

Aug. 20, 1619 First recorded Africans in Virginia land at Old Point Comfort.

Jan. 3, 1624 William Tucker is born in Elizabeth City, becoming the first African-American child born in America.

1634 Elizabeth City becomes one of the 8 original Virginia counties.

Feb. 10, 1634 Benjamin Syms bequeaths property to establish 1st free school in nation.

Aug. 27, 1667 Great hurricane strikes Elizabeth City County with 12-foot storm surge.

October 1692 Trustees lay out a new town on the Hampton River after the ports and towns act establishes a town, port of entry and customs house.

October 1706 Hampton is named for Earl of Southampton.

Jan. 3, 1719 An expedition led by Royal Navy Lt. Robert Maynard returns from defeating Blackbeard the Pirate in North Carolina and places his head on a pike at the mouth of the Hampton River.

June 17, 1727 Builder Henry Cary Jr. begins work on what is now St. John's Episcopal Church.

Oct. 19, 1749 Great hurricane destroys Fort George at Old Point Comfort.

March 2, 1755 Elements of British Gen. Edward Braddock's expedition arrive in Hampton for the French & Indian War.

Oct. 25, 1775 British naval forces bombard Hampton, damaging St. John's Church and other buildings.