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This week's DP Buzz question: If you could give this year's graduating high school seniors one piece of advice, what would it be?

No matter what your next move, keep learning.

Marie Whytsell


Nothing that happened in the last 12 years matters even a little bit.

Brian Talbert

Newport News

Have a dream. Set a goal. Pursue your dream. Follow your goal. It will lead you to your destination. Celebrate small successes. Embrace the bumps. They are your mentors. Work hard. Respect and learn from others. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Laugh at yourself. Smile at others. And congratulations!

Jo-Ann Mahony


Be different from the crowd. Set high standards for yourself and stick to those. You will be rewarded in many different ways..Go to college if at all possible. You will never regret doing that.

Annie McGrath


Be present in mind and body, fully engaged, and focused on the task, class, or relationship at hand. We live in a highly distracting world; those who can truly "be present" for all of college life will gain the most from every experience. My other advice: always attend class. Missing a college class is like missing two weeks in high school.

John E. Byers


Choose to happen to life rather than have life happened to you. Take pride in what you do, in what you achieve, in how you contribute to the community. Value more what you produce than what you consume.

Ben Cuker