Are child-free restaurants unfair?


There are a few rules entrepreneurs should never break.

Business owners should always make more money than they spend; and they should never alienate their customers. A businessman in Alexandria, Va., is breaking the latter rule. The owner of The Sushi Bar has an idea that is about as creative as the establishment's name.

According to The Huffington Post, owner Mike Anderson has banned all kids under 18. By instituting this ban, which will be enforced via a sign on the front door and a staff member who "isn't going to get too crazy with enforcement," The Sushi Bar might tick off a decent portion of its potential patronage.

Sure, there are a lot of adults who like to get a bite to eat without children or teenagers in tow. But limiting the customer base to only those people seems like a bad idea – especially in the sushi business, which caters to an already select group of people with that particular taste.

As you read this article the sushi rolls could be rolling down the bar in Alexandria as stressed out twentysomethings, overburdened parents and the elderly look for their unique Asian food fix. But eventually they are going to want to bring their children, grandkids friends or protégés. But for now The Sushi Bar is closed for that group of people, which may be a bigger group than restaurant owners initially thought.

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