Dr. Bill Croushore is a veterinarian with White Oak Veterinary Clinic in Berlin, and services farms in Somerset, Bedford, Westmoreland and Fayette counties. If you have a question for the veterinarian, send it to

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Bill Croushore

Bill Croushore

Coca-Cola has deep pockets -- but no princess

April 29, 2013

I had the privilege to attend the coronation of the 2013-14 Somerset County dairy princess last week. For those unfamiliar with the dairy princess, I'll briefly explain. Every year a new county dairy princess is selected to promote the value of consuming dairy products. She is a young lady commissioned to visit public events and schools in order to educate and answer questions about dairy foods and the farms that produce them. It is, by and large, a volunteer effort on the part of the princess; however, a small stipend is provided.



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