Local Voices: Nov. 28 edition

Letters to the editor for the Nov. 28 TribLocal print edition from Wheaton, Naperville, Woodridge, Glen Ellyn and La Grange.

Storm's victims

A Nov. 19 Chicago Tribune editorial dealt with us doing what we can to help those whose lives were upended by the recent thunderstorms and tornadoes. It was unfortunate that the editorial's headline read, "Count your blessings; Spared by the storm? Victims need your help."

Blessings come to us from God, and the Tribune was telling us in effect that if our homes were still standing and our loved ones unharmed, God favored us with his blessings while disfavoring those who were hurt.

It would have been much better if the Tribune had simply told us that if we were not impacted by the storm and tornado, then let us help those who were, but let us keep God out of the picture.

I prefer Rabbi Harold Kushner's comment, in his book, "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," that some things simply happen at random, and God is not involved. This lets us view God as impartial and neutral in these natural disasters, rather than as an arbitrary God favoring some of us while disfavoring others.

Theodore M. Utchen, Wheaton

Nature's power

When I look at the images from the tornadoes from Nov. 17, I am in awe of the power of nature and how fragile we truly are. To see cars, trucks and tractors wrapped around telephone poles like they were toys and, especially, aerial pictures showing the path, my mouth is agape.

I pray for those families who lost loved ones and need assistance, and am using this as an opportunity to teach my kids how truly grateful and lucky we are.

Paul Owen, Naperville

November storms

Sunday, Nov. 17, was to be a day of rest, a day of play and a day to worship in many different ways. Perhaps it was a day to rake the many new leaves that had fallen to the ground. The early-bird Christmas shoppers were headed out to try to catch the worm of a good deal early in the shopping season.

Sports fans took their posts in stadiums and in front of television sets. Most were loaded up with the fuel of chips, dips, beverages and many other treats to help mark the special ritual that these events have come to mean so much to so many.

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" is a question that is asked often and over and over again.

So on an Autumn Sunday, suddenly and with so much shock and horror, many bad things unfortunately did happen to so many good people.

Storms and tornadoes ravaged across many states and miles, causing chaos and destruction. They touched down and changed the lives of people in the area and around the world.

During tough times, people come together as they are now doing, and they make lemonade out of lemons.

People delay their own business and go about the business of helping those in need.

The reports are in and there are so many good people helping the people that have been hurt by the recent weather disasters.