Local Voices: Jan. 16 edition

Letters to the editor for the Jan. 16 TribLocal print edition from Downers Grove, Warrenville, Brookfield, Woodridge, Wheaton and Naperville.

Taking precautions

There has been a lot of press coverage and letters to the editor recently about Illinois becoming the last state to enact concealed-carry legislation. A common theme I hear and read is, "Why does anyone need to carry a loaded gun in public?"

The answer isn't too complicated really, it's just taking precautions against something you hope and pray never happens to you.

I always wear my seat belt and I carry auto insurance even if I hope I never need them. I equip my home with fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and I carry homeowner's insurance all the while praying that I'll never need them.

When my permit is finally approved, I plan to carry a loaded firearm wherever I legally can, all the while hoping and praying that I'll never need it.

It's all about taking reasonable precautions.

Louis J. Berardi, Downers Grove

Law-abiding citizens

Some recent letters to the editor were about gun control from readers who are very anti-gun and advocate for tighter and stricter gun laws. Both seemed to think that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is somehow outdated or irrelevant.

I don't know if it is the mentality of a certain class of citizen or just the fact that while they may be safe in their homes or neighborhoods that somehow the rights under the Constitution apply to others or not to them.

What about the other amendments; are they also irrelevant? What makes them think that more laws will make them safer, or that schools will be protected from deranged killers with no other motive but to hurt people?

Do they think that the police will respond as quickly as they want them to if someone breaks into their homes? Can their families wait that long?

There are many people out there who don't care about laws; they don't care about the police; they don't care about the death penalty.

Are these readers willing to give up their rights to protect their families?

The only people who will obey any new gun laws will be them and me, because we obey the law. The National Rifle Association isn't a monster that doesn't care about us; it is an organization of our neighbors, clergy, teachers, employers, family and friends. We believe in the Second Amendment and the right to protect our families. More laws don't protect people; all they do is make law-abiding citizens criminals.

Bob Burnham, Warrenville

A new year

The chirp of the little crimson bird awakens the silent morning to a new year. The air is filled with whispers of things to come.

The breaking sun sends glints bouncing off the fallen snow. Nature prepares her cycle of winter.