Cook County

Cook County (Tribune illustration / March 25, 2012)

A former assistant Cook County state's attorney is facing a complaint from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission for alleged misconduct at a Chicago adult store.

The complaint, filed by the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission in June, stems from a September 2012 incident when former Assistant State's Attorney Sarah Naughton attended a Chicago Cubs game with a friend "where they were drinking alcoholic beverages," the complaint said.

After leaving a restaurant with her companion, Naughton went to Taboo Tabou on Belmont Avenue, the complaint said.

The two "began creating a disturbance by stumbling and speaking in loud voices," the complaint said, and were asked to leave.

Naughton "pulled a badge from her purse and told (the manager), 'You can't do this to me; I'm a state's attorney,'" the complaint said.

About 10 minutes later, Naughton and her companion left the store, but Naughton later opened the door and "poked her head through" while yelling an expletive at two store employees, according to the complaint.

Naughton and her friend were also "banging on the glass windows of the store while shouting and making obscene gestures," the complaint said.

The store manager called the cigar store next door and 911 to ask for help, the complaint said.

Naughton "swung" at an employee from the cigar store who came over, the complaint said. Naughton's companion began recording the cigar store employee with his phone, which led to an altercation ending with Naughton grabbing the employee's leg and biting him, the complaint said.

Police arrived and handcuffed Naughton, who told the officer "at least six times that she was an assistant state's attorney," the complaint said.

She was charged with official misconduct, battery, resisting arrest, criminal trespass to property, assault and disorderly conduct but was found not guilty in a 2013 bench trial.

The disciplinary complaint alleges several different acts of misconduct, including attempted official misconduct, in violation of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

In a July 29 response to the disciplinary complaint, Naughton denied the disciplinary allegations and asked that the complaint be dismissed. Her attorney, Samuel Manella, declined to comment except to say that they denied the allegations in the complaint and she was acquitted in her court case.

The case is scheduled for a pre-hearing conference Nov. 21, said Jim Grogan, deputy administrator and chief counsel for the ARDC.

Naughton, who is registered as an attorney in Tinley Park, could ultimately face sanctions including a censure or disbarment, Grogan said.

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