Summe reading

Young woman on grass reading book. (Tim Robberts / May 27, 2012)

Drop the frozen corn dogs and pick up a copy of this book. Wildly popular food blogger Rosenstrach makes dreaded dinner prep enjoyable with her easy recipes and humorous been-there, ate-that charm.

Chillers for the campfire

"You Came Back" by Christopher Coake (June 12)

Grand Central Publishing, 432 pages, $24.99

A bereaved dad who is finally beginning to cope with his son's death learns that the child's ghost might be haunting his old home.

"The Playdate" by Louise Millar (July 3)

Atria, 432 pages, $15

Whatever you do, don't drop your kids off for the afternoon at a neighbor's house so you can have a few moments to read this unnerving novel about a playdate in London that goes horribly wrong.

"Niceville" by Carsten Stroud (June 12)

Knopf, 400 pages, $26.95

Sudden, random stranger abductions are making this seemingly pleasant little town in the Deep South regret its name. Evilville, however, does not have as sweet a ring.

"Heartbroken" by Lisa Unger (June 26)

Crown, 384 pages, $24

Three women are haunted by their pasts in this insidious psychological thriller. Set, quite appropriately, on a claustrophobic island.

Books that read best covered in sunscreen and sand

"Summerland" by Elin Hilderbrand (June 26)

Little, Brown & Company, 400 words, $26.99

The inhabitants of Nantucket Island are jolted into a cloud of anxiety and grief when several high school students are in a deadly car wreck graduation night. But was it just an accident?

"Where We Belong" by Emily Griffin (July 24)

St. Martin's Press, 384 pages, $27.99