Summe reading

Young woman on grass reading book. (Tim Robberts / May 27, 2012)

Simon & Schuster, 256 pages, $25

This debut novel transforms "House of Mirth" into a modern-day tale of one woman's emotional crises in a wealthy enclave of Cleveland.

As you ponder your own empty journal

"Off Balance: A Memoir" by Dominique Moceanu, with Paul and Teri Williams (June 12)

Touchstone, 256 pages, $24.99

It's high time another juicy gymnast tale hit the market. And this, from the youngest member of the 1996 U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastic team, is a whopper.

"Hotels, Hospitals and Jails: A Memoir" by Anthony Swofford (June 5)

Grand Central Publishing, 300 pages, $26.99

Jarhead returns! A writer made famous by his earlier account of the Gulf War now retraces his drunken footsteps through his post-war and post-fame life. It is indeed a harrowing and traumatic journey.

Editor's Choice: "Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child" by Bob Spitz (Aug. 7)

Knopf, 576 pages, $29.95

Published just in time for the famous chef's 100th birthday, this definitive biography is full of delicious tidbits from Child's diaries and letters. In Spitz's capable hands (he also wrote "The Beatles"), the eccentric Child roars to life and will make you crave a hearty beef bourguignonne despite the heat.

"The Letter: My Journey Through Love, Loss & Life" by Marie Tillman (June 26)

Grand Central Publishing, 272 pages, $23.99

The widow of Pat Tillman, who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, poignantly remembers her life with the former football star — and her struggles to survive without him.

"Yes, Chef: A Memoir" by Marcus Samuelsson (June 26)

Random House, 336 pages, $27

Celebrity chef Samuelsson revisits his childhood in Sweden, where he was raised after being adopted from Ethiopia at age 3. Layered into his story are beautiful descriptions of food preparation, particularly his memories of cooking with his grandmother.

"Dinner: A Love Story" by Jenny Rosenstrach (June 5)

HarperCollins, 336 pages, $27.99