Summe reading

Young woman on grass reading book. (Tim Robberts / May 27, 2012)

"The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln" by Stephen L. Carter (July 10)

Knopf, 528 pages, $26.95

Carter, author of "The Emperor of Ocean Park," imagines what President Lincoln's life would have been like if he had survived his assassination attempt. The Yale Law School professor envisions quite a courtroom drama with Lincoln facing charges for violating the Constitution during wartime.

Editor's Choice: "Motherland" by Amy Sohn (Aug. 14) 

Simon & Schuster, 320 pages, $25

Park Slope is again a major character in Sohn's ongoing smart soap opera about how wealthy Brooklynites live — and squabble and cheat and hook up.

"The Good Dream" by Donna VanLiere (July 3)

St. Martin's Press, 320 pages, $25.99

In 1950s Tennessee, a lonely woman struggling with the loss of her parents discovers that a filthy boy from the nearby hills has been stealing food from her garden. When she tries to learn more about the boy, she uncovers a world of secrets.

"Heading Out to Wonderful" by Robert Goolrick (June 12)

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 304 pages, $24.95

Bad deeds are in store for the good folks of quaint Virginia town when a WWII veteran decides to make it his home. Poetic tale that simmers with foreboding atmosphere.

"Little Century" by Anna Keesey (June 5)

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 336 pages, $26

A teenage woman from Chicago at the turn of the century finds that she enjoys small-town life, horseback riding and a certain sheep farmer in the dusty ranchlands of Oregon — but she's not so keen on the violence that ensues.

For satisfying a sudden Edith Wharton craving

"The Innocents" by Francesca Segal (June 5)

Voice, 288 pages, $25.99

Just what is a nice young Jewish man to do when his sweet fiance's unruly and wildly sexy cousin pays them a lengthy visit in their tight-knit London community? It's a lovely update on "The Age of Innocence." (Watch for a full review in Printers Row Journal on June 10.)

"Gilded Age" by Claire McMillan (June 12)