Summe reading

Young woman on grass reading book. (Tim Robberts / May 27, 2012)

As life seems to slow to a snail’s pace during summer’s languorous days, it’s the perfect time to indulge in reading. Thrillers and spooky tales provide a particular chill on a torpid evening. Light and breezy reads are the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon beneath a beach umbrella. And should your tastes run a bit deeper, the longer days or half-day Fridays may just be the right time for a new political discussion or memoir.

Thankfully, publishers provide us with a bevy of choices that are perfect for all our summer outings. Here are a few books to round out your beach bag this summer.

Thrillers for standing in line at Six Flags Great America

Editor's Choice: "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn (June 5)

Crown Publishing Group, 432 pages, $25

Newlyweds may want to steer clear of this toxic homage to a marriage gone terribly wrong. When Amy Elliott disappears, her husband is suspected of foul play — and the luster soon dulls on this golden couple. Another delicious psychological thriller from Flynn, the author of "Dark Places." (Watch for a full review in Printers Row Journal next week.)

"The Nightmare" by Lars Kepler (July 3)

Sarah Crichton Books, 512 pages, $27

If you like your thrillers dark, twisted and Swedish, this sequel to "The Hypnotist" should do the trick.

"The Dark Monk" by Oliver Pötzsch (June 12)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 512 pages, $18

Rousing sequel to "The Hangman's Daughter." Dark 17th Century Bavaria is the setting, and poisoned doughnuts are the clue for three sleuths trying to figure out the mysterious death of a priest.

"Bones are Forever" by Kathy Reichs (Aug, 28)

Scribner, 304 pages, $26.99

When a prostitute and mother to three dead babies flees in the midst of an investigation, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan finds herself involved in an intriguing case. Reichs, the author and producer of the television show "Bones," is a masterful storyteller.

"Mission to Paris" by Alan Furst (June 12)

Random House, 272 pages, $27

A handsome American movie star moves to Paris, just prior to the Nazi invasion, to make a movie. Another fantastic spy story from the esteemed Furst.

"The Risk Agent" by Ridley Pearson (June 19)

Putnam, 432 pages, $25.95