Jada-Amina Harvey, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye

Jada-Amina Harvey, from left, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye of Kenwood Academy perform their group piece during the Louder Than a Bomb 2013 preliminary bouts at Columbia College Saturday, Feb, 23, 2013, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune) (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune / February 23, 2013)

I don't care about the things you went through because I'm only as strong as you teach me to be.
I know you think you can't fight back but you have to, because when it comes down to it

Son 2: All I have is you.

Mother 2 and Son 2, speaking in the background as Mother 1 and Son 1 speak: I'm trembling,
barricading my fortress,
locking you inside my armor womb.
Our heartbeats in sync like a chorus
But my life is amorphous
My silhouette not proportionate
I found a stranger in a self portrait

Mother 1: I want to fight back but they've broken my hand.

Son 1: But you can still hit with a broken hand.

Mother 1: But how hard can a broken hand hit?
It's like choosing between a gun and a rose.
Either you take a life that you could have learned to love,

Son 1: Or you can love what can hurt you.

- Omari Ferrell, Sara Opsenica, Jada-Amina Harvey, Iain Irwin, Lyric Johnson, Ike Nwoye, Nanyamka Gallardo and Slayton Goodman.