Jada-Amina Harvey, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye

Jada-Amina Harvey, from left, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye of Kenwood Academy perform their group piece during the Louder Than a Bomb 2013 preliminary bouts at Columbia College Saturday, Feb, 23, 2013, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune) (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune / February 23, 2013)

Mother 2: You'll be labeled

Mothers: the urban winged demon of the streets.

Son 1: I heard them say,

Son 2: "He might govern the nation,"

Son 1: but still be caged under it,
You're not pro life,

Son 2: You're pro executioner.

Sons: But it is you who must bear the burden of raising greatness

Mother 2: They told me,
"Any future you choose will be taxed dollars wasted.

Mother 1: Might as well rob me your son will next."

Son 2: I pity you,

Sons: and the grey sky above you.

Son 2: I am sorry that tears dulled your blue skies.

Son 1: But you owe me half a soul!
And since you put yourself in this situation,

Sons: I'm charging you double

Son 1: You can turn a necklace of pearls into a necklace of perils

Sons: and use that as a noose.

Son 1: But you shouldn't have to,