Jada-Amina Harvey, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye

Jada-Amina Harvey, from left, Nanyamka Gallardo, Omari Ferrell and Ike Nwoye of Kenwood Academy perform their group piece during the Louder Than a Bomb 2013 preliminary bouts at Columbia College Saturday, Feb, 23, 2013, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune) (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune / February 23, 2013)

Mother 2: Baby you don't hear what they say or see how they stare.
The sight and echo of them makes me want to pull out my hair.
They say things like,

Mothers: "Give it back to the stork, walk into Planned Parenthood and we'll grab the pitchforks."

Mother 2: "No child left behind honey,

Mother 1: but you're no longer sweet."

Son 1: You made a mistake.

Sons: Are you gonna crucify yourself for that?

Mothers: But baby you don't understand,

Mother 1: these people don't want you here.

Mother 2: Soon to become nothing more than the root of their fear.

Son 1: Mother you can't hate yourself for not saying no.

Mother 2: But I can still hear them say,

Mothers: "We live in Chicago everyday is a massacre

Mother 1: and that boy is better off not being born than living in this world."

Mothers: Baby, I love you

Mother 2: But not enough to raise you strong and tough,

Mother 1: Especially with the way this world is made up.

Mother 2: Even if I teach you to be the world's strongest man.

Mother 1: Even if you can lift a thousand weights and fly.