Chicago (Zbigniew Bzdak / July 1, 2011)

1933-34: Century of Progress exposition.

1934: Elijah Muhammad moves Nation of Islam headquarters to South Side.

1934: Bank robber John Dillinger shot dead outside Biograph Theater.

1934: Debut of College All-star game, brainchild of Tribune sports editor Arch Ward.

1934: Park agencies consolidated to form Chicago Park District.

1934: International Amphitheater built.

1935: Leo Burnett starts Chicago ad agency that will create Jolly Green Giant and Pillsbury Doughboy.

1936: City bans cigarette vending machines.

1936: Richard Wright founds South Side Writers Group

1937: Republic Steel strike marchers clash with police on Southeast Side; 10 protesters killed.

1937: Up to 125,000 at Soldier Field for Austin-Leo high school football game.

1937: Ivy planted in Wrigley Field's outfield.

1937: Robert Johnson records "Sweet Home Chicago."

1937: Chicago Housing Authority created.

1937: Pioneering blood bank opens at Cook County Hospital.

1938: Disgraced Chicago utility baron Samuel Insull dies in Paris.

1939: Saul Alinsky creates community-organizing model in Back of the Yards.

1940: Richard Wright's "Native Son" published.

1940: Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute merge as Illinois Institute of Technology.

1941: Illinois Legislature creates Chicago's Medical Center District.