Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, shown in July, discussed his economic plan for the city Wednesday. (Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune / July 30, 2014)

Here's the transcript of a sometimes contentious, sometimes humorous Feb. 8, 2012, interview of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in which he provides the most expansive view yet on his pledge of transparency, his governing style and his interactions with reporters. Emanuel was interviewed by Chicago Tribune reporter David Kidwell. Also present were Tribune photographer Nancy Stone and mayoral aide Sarah Hamilton. (Kidwell is DK; Emanuel is RE; Stone is NS; Hamilton is SH.)

RE: (to Stone) Nice to see you as always. You I like.

NS: I never write one thing you say.

RE: That's right.

RE: Want some water?

DK: No thanks. You have a beer over there?

RE: Yeah (laughing) — no.

RE: How you doing?

DK: Good, could be better.

RE: Why's that?

DK: I'll know more after we're done.

RE: That's up to you man. It's good to meet you and I know you will get the story right (garbled).

DK: My editor put in the photo assignment, this is not my fault.

RE: Again, I like her. I hate you. As my mother used to say. I used to my mother, you know, three boys, I was the middle one. I said, You love Zeke — my older brother — you love Zeke more than you love me and she said I hate you all equally.

SH: That's a perfect response.

RE: It's totally a Jewish mother thing. I hate you all equally.

DK: We were just talking how she is going to stay here until the end because it gets better.

RE: What you mean?

DK: When you are throwing me out of the office the pictures get better.