If you're not in Chicago today, you're lucky. It's 11 degrees with a wind chill of minus-7. Not so sure if it's Bear weather anymore, since the Bears haven't had that much success in cold weather as of late. Let's just hope it affects the visitors from Texas more than the Bears.

Glad to be back with you after a few weeks of schedule shuffling. Since my CBS feed is awful here at the office, I need to go back to using rabbit ears to get a cleaner picture. Sigh.

Adam Caldarelli checks in from Soldier Field: Greetings from the Frozen Tundra South. You can tell it's winter in Chicago because every possible surface is covered with its traditional seasonal white layer of road salt. In keeping with this week's them, I polled eight anonymous meteorologists and they all voted Tom Skilling's forecast for today the most-overrated of the month.

Game-time temperature is about 71 degrees. No need for that parka¬Ö wait, that's in the press box. Outside's another story. It's a bit nippier. Skilling's calling for a high of 16, but the thermometer in my car read 22 as I pulled up to Soldier Field. Maybe this is some kind of psychological ploy for the visiting warm-blooded Houston Texans. There's certainly some kind of Siberian clipper coming out of the northwest--17 mph, the press box guy says--that's got the lake, the players and the fans all agitated and certainly will drop the windchill to a Yukon Territory level.

Soon we'll have play-by-play of this traditional matchup of the 5-8 Chicago Bears and the 5-8 Houston Texans, so sit tight, put another log on the fire and help yourself to more glog.

As per usual, send your questions to Adam and he'll get the answers in the locker room after this game. Just use the form on the right.

Adam: Inside Soldier Field the fans-not many of them--are filing in. Apparently blaze orange and Carharts are the new rage this winter. The turf looks like one would expect a living organism without the benefit of a hat and mittens on a day like this would look and these poor guys trying to wave the gigantic Bears flags are struggling. The Texans are wearing their traditional white jerseys with the red trim and gray pants. The Bears, in yet another mind trick, are wearing Speedos.

Football next

Adam: OK, now it's official: ChicagoTribune.com is reporting it's cold out. Seriously, it's game-time and this place is half-filled. Not that I blame the people who stayed home. But Bears fans' reputation as tough and mean has taken a major hit today. Doing some last minute shopping at the American Girl store, are we?

The Bears receive and will start at their own 28. Look for lots of running plays. Slight delay as Cameron Worrell is hurt. Jones carries on first down for a few. Worrell walked off the field on his own. A screen to Jason McKie gets 5 and the Bears face third-and-3. A screen to Jones and he finds room along the sideline and gets to the Bears 48. Jones runs off tackle left and gains 6 more. A reverse to Bernard Berrian and he gains 3. Texans QB David Carr said Berrian was his favorite receiver at Fresno State. Jones goes up the middle and gets the first down at the Houston 37. Hutchinson throws one in the flat for Wade, but it's behind him and almost picked off. Jones carries for 5. Sweep to Jones and he trips just shy of the first down marker and it'll be fourth-and-1.

Adam: Got to go for it, Lovie. You're 5-8.

They do go for it....and Jones goes wide and after it looked like he wouldn't make it, he does find some space and runs to the 23.

Adam: Great individual effort by Jones to pick up that first down.

Jones gets the call again and picks up 2. Jones again...and he gains 6 more. Jones gets the call again and he fumbles and the Texans grab it. Jason Babin recovers.

Adam: Cue the sound when PacMan dies. That sums up that drive. Jones was taking it right at the Texans. He carried the ball eight times and five straight on that drive before fumbling. I don't recall Jones fumbling that much this season.

Not sure what happened there as the ball really popped out. He was not hit on the play.

Houston starts at the 35 and they go to Domanick Davis, their top rusher, and he gets just a yard. Davis carries out to the 43. On third and short, Davis sweeps to his left and he has a big hole and runs all the way to the Bears 34.

Adam: On an unrelated note, anyone see that Atlanta-Carolina game last night? Dez White? Who knew?

Carr finds Andre Johnson for a short gain to the 30. Davis gets nothing on second down. Davis gets 26 on a draw play and Kris Brown comes on to try a 43-yard field goal and he pushes it right.