It's gorgeous day at Soldier Field, but maybe a bit warm if you're wearing a football uniform. It's 82 degrees, but the humidity is low at 52 percent. Chris King here in the cubicle with Adam Caldarelli at the game. The Bears and Lions are opening the season for the first time since 1992.

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A lot of firsts for the Bears today as Lovie Smith makes his head coaching debut and Terry Shea and Ron Rivera make their Bears coaching debuts and offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively.

Rex Grossman makes his first opening day start and Adewale Ogunleye will start at defensive end despite missing training camp. Rookie Tommie Harris gets the start too on the defensive line. Plus, the Bears' offensive will be going up against Dick Jauron's defense. Plenty of story lines today.

Here are the Bears inactives:

Craig Krenzel, Jerry Azumah, Adrian Peterson, Marcus Reese, Rex Tucker, Israel Idonije, Aaron Gibson and Ian Scott.

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First quarter

The Bears will receive. The Lions have lost 24 straight on the road. Daryl Jones returns the kick and the Bears follow that will a pass and David Terrell is called for odffensive pass interference. That's a 10-yard penalty. Jones carries on 1st and 20 and gets six and Jones grabs a pass for a 6-yard gain on second down. Grossman hits Bobby Wade for 12 yards and a first down. Good start. Jones gains a yard and then after an incompletion, Gage just misses a pass near the sideline and the Bears have to punt. Maynard kicks it down to the Lions' 18 and Detroit will take over with Joey Harrington at QB.

Harrington's first pass is dropped by Kevin Jones, the Lions' first-round pick this year. Jones carries up the middle and gets six and it'll be third down. Harrington has time to throw, but his pass to Charles Rogers falls incomplete. The Lions had Rogers on right side matched up against Charles Tillman and Harrington chose to throw to him rather than pick on the injured R.W. McQuarters on the other side. Nick Harris' punt goes out of bounds at the Bears' 43, so the Bears will start with good field position for their second drive.

Charles Rogers has gone back to the Lions' locker room. A penalty on the Lions so it's 1st-and-5. The Bears run a draw that fools no one and that's a loss of four. Now a false start on the Bears and quickly it's 2nd-and-14. Thomas Jones carries and gets 3. A short pass to Terrell and he has running room. That's a gain of 30 for a 1st down at the Lions' 29. Now the two hookup again and Terrell takes this pass down to Detroit's 2-yard-line. Grossman put it right in there. No gain for Jones on first down. On the next play, Jones looks like he's going to lose more yardage, but he breaks free and scores his first TD in a Bears uniform. Edinger coverts the PAT and the Bears lead.

Bears 7, Lions 0

So much for the passing game struggling. David Terrell makes two huge plays. Maybe he'll talk to the media now. Here's a look at that drive: 58 yards on 6 plays and it took 3:25.

Charles Rogers injured his shoulder and is questionable to return. That's one less big receiver for the Bears' secondary to worry about. The Lions start at their own 29 and Jones breaks loose for a 15-yard gain. On first down, Lance Briggs comes in and hauls Jones down for a loss of 3. On second down, Harrington throws and Urlacher dives, and just misses the interception. He didn't have any picks last year. 3rd-and-13 and Harrington completes a pass to tight end Stephen Alexander, but the Lions are short of the first down. McQuarters calls a fair catch on the punt at the 12 and the Bears will take over.

So far the Bears' defense has looked solid led by two of its leaders. Brian Urlacher made a diving play to break up a pass and Briggs stuffed rookie running back Jones in the backfield. Meanwhile, time for Dick Jauron to go to work and devise a plan to stop his former team.

Jones gets a yard on first down and then Dre' Bly breaks up a short pass attempt and he may be hurt. The Lions' secondary is weak to begin with due to injuries. On 3rd-and-9, Grossman overthrows rookie Bernard Berrian and Maynard comes on to punt.

The short punt takes a Detroit bounce and they begin in Bears territory at the 46. Gain of 4 on first down, and now Jones is caught in the backfield again and loses 2 yards. Harrington has to scramble on thrid down and Ogunleye grabs him for no gain. While not a sack by Ogunleye because Harrington was across the line, it's a good as one, especially on third down. Detroit will have to punt. Great job by the defense.

The Bears start at the 15 after the punt and Jones gains 5. Jones again and he picks up a first down after a gain of 7. On first, Grossman has to roll to his left and throws incomplete. He almost fell down on the play. Jones gains 1 and it's 3rd-and-9. Grossman has plenty of time to throw and completes a pass to Terrell across the middle for a first down at the Bears' 43. Here's a screen pass to Jones and he picks up 8 to Detroit's 49 and that's it for an impressive first quarter.

Second quarter