A couple of quick impressions before we get to the football game, the Bears' finale. This place is quite red and great ribs. OK, that's it. Football time.

First quarter

Dangerous return man Dante Hall returns the opening kickoff 44 yards, but the Chiefs go three-and-out on their first possession. Priest Holmes was unable to get going after a 7-yard run on the first play. He was stuffed by Mike Brown on the second play and Trent Green threw incomplete on third down.

The Bears took over at the 20 and managed one first down on a nice run up the middle by Anthony Thomas. Rex Grossman led Marty Booker too much and the Bears started their first possession with a punt.

The Chiefs showed a little life after getting the ball back. Green completed three straight short passes but then punted the ball back on the next series.

After a short Thomas gain, Grossman hit Booker on an out pattern. Booker ducked under a tackle and got the first. Thomas was stuffed for a loss and then caught a pass for 4 yards as Grossman rolled left and threw back right. On third-and-7, Grossman was sacked for an 18-yard loss by linebacker Gary Stills. To make matters worse, Brad Maynard's punt went off the side of his foot and out-of-bounds at the Chiefs' 49.

The Bears, with the help of an illegal formation penalty, had the Chiefs going nowhere until Green found Eddie Kennison on the near sideline for 18 yards on third-and-15. Jerry Azumah then was called for pass interference, a gain of 10 yards. A guy named Marc Boerigter catches a short pass to get inside the 5. And you just know Priest Holmes will get the ball here. He tries to go over the top but is knocked back by Lance Briggs. On second-and-goal Holmes runs left, cuts inside Warrick Holdman and does a little dance into the end zone. That's a NFL record 26th rushing touchdown for the season. Real humble guy, too. As the P.A. announcer relates the feat over to the stadium, Holmes is up off the bench waving his arms in the air as if to say, "Cheer for me more!"

Chiefs 7, Bears 0

Thanks to a penalty on the Chiefs on the kickoff the Bears start in Kansas City territory. Grossman hits tight end Desmond Clark for 10 yards on first down. Even though Dez White's on IR, doesn't mean John Shoop can't call the dreaded wide-receiver screen. This one goes to David Terrell, who picks up 5 yards. Thomas is stuffed on second-and-5 and on third down Grossman takes a shot in the end zone for Bobby Wade, but it's too long. Paul Edinger's 52-yard kick hits the "F" in Chiefs in the end zone. Way short.

The Chiefs take over around midfield. Why not punt that last ball? Green completes two big passes. The first to Johnnie Morton (In your face, Matt Millen!) and the second to Tony Gonzalez. Just like that, they're at the 20. Holmes then runs three straight times, trying to break another record for most TDs in a season. But he's stuffed for a loss by Urlacher on second-and-goal. Green hits Kennison for a touchdown on the next play.

Chiefs 14, Bears 0

The Bears go three and out on some kind of dump to fullback Stanley Pritchett and two Grossman incompletions. Grossman also appeared to hurt his throwing hand on the series. He's left the field. It's Kordell Stewart time!

The Chiefs punt the ball back. It's not like the Bears have done anything with it. After the punt the Bears are called for a personal foul, the result of a minor dust-up. So they start at the 12 and Thomas nearly breaks one. He gains 17 yards. After that, it's just ugly. Stewart throws a ball off Terrell's back and then rolls on third down and throws the ball in the crowd. This is where Dante Hall could break one. Well, not yet. He's run out of bounds at the 45.

With just over two minutes remaining, Green hits Morton for 29 yards down the sideline. Morton slipped a Mike Brown tackle and picked up about an extra 10 yards. Green throws it to the end zone but Jerry Azumah steps in front of the receiver and picks it off.

The Bears have the ball at their own 20 with about a minute remaining. So what do they do? Hand the ball to Rabih Abdullah. The Chiefs call timeout, thinking they could get the ball back if this keeps up. Stewart throws to Booker over the middle for 18 yards. The Bears call time. Booker catches another ball by the sideline but can't get out. The Bears call another timeout with :38 on the clock with the ball at the Chiefs' 32. Stewart hits Abduallah over the middle and then spikes the ball to stop the clock with 19 ticks. Stewart hits Bobby Wade in the flat and the clock expires without getting anything. Horrible clock management by the Bears.

Third quarter

Chris King here taking over for Adam. Azumah returns the second-half kick to his own 18. Rex Grossman has an injured finger and will not return, but the finger is not broken. On first down, Thomas finds running room and picks up 20. Thomas runs again for a gain of 4. No gain on 2nd down and it's third-and-6. The Chiefs jump offsides and now it's third-and-1. Thomas runs and comes up inches short. The Bears will go on 4th down and Stewart keeps it and barely makes the first down at the Bears 48.

On first down, Thomas is drilled by John Browning and that's a loss of 2. On second down, Stewart hits Clark on a big play to the Chiefs' 30, a gain of 24. Thomas carries for no gain on first down and then Stewart tries a short flip to Thomas that falls incomplete. On third down, Stewart's pass is knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Edinger puts the Bears on the board with a 48-yard field goal that barely cleared the crossbar.

Chiefs 14, Bears 3