The Bears try to ride their momentum of their first win of the year into the New Orleans Superdome for a game against the equally struggling Saints.

If memory serves, the Bears were up 20-0 last season against the Saints in Champaign and ended up losing 29-23. That was the first loss of eight straight. It's time to repay the favor.

We're in Chicago for this game, but we've got it on TV. I'm a bit spent just from watching the marathoners run by my house this morning, so I'll try to stay awake.

Football soon. Stay tuned.

First quarter

The Bears kick and Donte Stallworth returns it out to the 35. Aaron Brooks swings one to Deuce McAllister for 8. Tack on 15 more after Alfonso Boone was called for hitting Brooks in the head. McAllister runs straight up the middle for about 11. Not a good sign the Bears haven't been able to stop the run all year and didn't there. After an incompletion, McAllister picks up 8 more to the Bears' 23. After a timeout with the play clock running down, Brooks scrambles but doesn't get the first. Fourth and 1. John Carney's 38-yard kick is wide left. Ahmad Merritt, forced into action with Booker out, drops a short Stewart pass. And then Stewart is pressured backwards 20 yards before throwing it away. Maynard's punt rolls into the end zone.

The Bears take over at the Saints' 28 and Anthony Thomas runs left for maybe a yard. Make that 3 yards. An interesting exchange between Kordell Stewart and Thomas part hand-off, part pitch, but it gets 5 more. Stewart keeps it himself on an option, but is stuffed at the line. Punt.

The first of many "Joe Millionaire" commercials Fox will run this afternoon. Does anyone really want to watch this show again?

Brooks throws one deep to Jerome Pathon, who gets tangled up with rookie cornerback Charles Tillman and draws an interference call. The Saints make it clear they want to test the rookie, but that call was questionable. Tillman was in perfect position and was looking at the ball. It moves the Saints all the way down to the Bears' 34. An illegal procedure call stalls the Saints momentarily. The Bears blitz and Brian Urlacher gets his hand on the ball and it falls incomplete. Carney comes on and kicks a 50-yard field goal.

Saints 3, Bears 0

Thomas runs for a few and then Stewart hits Marty Booker on a quick hit for a first down. In order to do anything, the Bears need to--have to--find Booker more. Thomas picks up 4. Stewart fakes to Thomas, keeps it himself and slides for the first. Booker takes an end around and is yanked down near the line of scrimmage and he's not getting up. Booker injured his ribs last week. Not sure what they're looking at. After a commercial, Stewart hits tight end Desmond Clark to bring up third and 7. Still not sure about Booker's status. He's on the bench talking to the doctors. So third and 7 out of the shotgun the Bears borrow a play from the Saints' NFL Films blooper reel. The snap flies over Stewart's head and rolls backwards for about 20 yards. Punt.

McAllister runs for a few and then breaks a big one with a move that took out both R.W. McQuarters and Mike Green. First down at the Bears' 43. Brooks then finds tight end Boo Williams for a first down. Boo got away with a push off there on Green. But again the Saints fizzle with a dropped pass and go for it on fourth down. The defense shows up and the Bears will take the ball.

Second quarter

Booker was back in there for the first play but then took himself out. It looks like both a knee and ankle. The Bears can't do anything either. After an incompletion and a short run by Thomas, Stewart keeps it himself and it brought down at the line. Punt coming as Booker walks to the locker room. Oh, man, Adrian Peterson just got blasted by a block on the punt. Offsetting penalties and the Saints take over at the spot of their foul, where ever that is.

Then Brooks bobbles the exchange to McAllister but falls on the ball. Tillman is flagged for another foul. Joe Horn then makes Tillman bite on an inside move but Horn drops a perfect pass from Brooks. Big break there. The Saints are called for holding and will punt. Alex Brown got around the end and was dragged down on the hold.

Bears start at their own 22 with just over 11 minutes remaining in the half. Stewart throws deep to Dez White on the first play and White holds on for a 36-yard gain. Thomas takes it up the middle for 4. And then follows big ol' Aaron Gibson right close to the marker before fumbling the ball. White recovers for the Bears, if it was even a fumble. Thomas may have been down. But it's ruled a fumble and it gives the Bears a first. Tight end Dustin Lyman starts in motion and then settles in the backfield in the fullback spot to pave the way for Thomas, who picks up another first with a 15 yard gain. Thomas then cuts back inside and picks up another 4. He's rushed 10 times for 54 yards. With two straight 100-yard games, it's safe to say the old Thomas is back. Stewart under pressure can't find a wide-open Clark, bringing up third-and-6 at the 10. That should've been a touchdown there. Stewart is nearly sacked, scrambles and then throws a ridiculous pass into a crowd in the end zone that should've been intercepted by Fred Thomas. Edinger's 28-yard kick is good.

Bears 3, Saints 3

Bobby Gray put a lick on Stallworth on the kickoff return, forcing a fumble, but it looks like the Saints recovered.

Brooks has forever back there and finds Stallworth for 21 yards as they continue to pick on Tillman. The Bears and Saints trade timeouts. Very weird. OK, back to football. McAllister picks up a first down, but it's erased by a holding penalty. First and 20 from the 29, Brooks' pass goes right through the hands of Ernie Conwell. That's about the third dropped pass for the Saints so far. Brooks guns one to Horn for an 18-yard gain. McAllister runs for the first. The fake to McAllister fakes out rookie linebacker Lance Briggs so much that he takes out McAllister in the back field. Instead Brooks completes it for 7. Brooks then takes a shot deep to the end zone for Horn, but R.W. McQuarters leaps and knocks it down. The play clock gets close and the Saints burn their last timeout. On third down, Brooks is pressured by Phillip Daniels and has to throw it out of bounds.