From the Cubicle: Never doubt Ronny Cedeno edition

Live play-by-play commentary of today's Cubs-Mets game from a guy who's convinced Ronny Cedeno just jinxed this team.

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I don't want to be too hard on Ronny Cedeno.

To say the backup infielder has struggled with mental errors in the past is like saying Benny the Bull hasn't had the occasional legal problem.

After getting a big hit last night against the Mets, a really big win when you consider most of the Cubs' success this young season has come at the expense of the Pony League Pittsburgh Pirates, Cedeno goes back to his old ways.

This time he wasn't getting thrown out at second on a walk or having trouble adjusting to the smaller glove used to play second base. Just when you thought he had figured everything out he starts saying things like this:

"We're thinking about the World Series," Cedeno said after the 7-1 victory. "I think we'll be OK if we keep playing like that."

Come again. Let me check the calendar. Right, it says April 22. The Cubs have played 19 games of a 162-game schedule.

This is not to take anything away from how he's handled the bat this season. The only thing more surprising than Cedeno singling home two runs on a two-strike count in the eighth inning last night was Felix Pie soon after taking two balls and then poking a three-run, blind-squirrel-meet-nut homer to right. That said, contributions from guys like Cedeno and Pie are the ingredients of a winning team. It's just too bad the ivy has yet to bloom.

Winless lefty Ted Lilly goes against Pedro Martinez's replacement in the Mets' rotation, Nelson Figueroa. Should be fun.

Lineups -- pretty interesting one for the Cubs and the immortal Angel Pagan returns to right field for the Mets. Time to get started on a day Chicago is invaded by New Yorkers.

First inning

Jose Reyes takes a couple of strikes from Lilly to start this one. Lilly jams Reyes, who grounds out weakly to second. The switch-htting Pagan hits righty against the lefty Lilly and chases a fastball near his eyes for strike three. David Wright flies out to right on a full-count pitch and Lilly goes 1-2-3 in the first.

Figueroa works from the stretch and gets two strikes past Reed Johnson. Johnson then lines out to center as Bob Brenly makes a Family Circus reference. Love the Family Circus, however, it's no Ziggy. Here's Pie and he pops out to Wright in foul ground.Full count to Derrek Lee and he squibs one back to the pitcher.\

No score

Second inning

And, yes, you would hope every team and every player's goal would be to win the World Series. It's just rarely said, especially from a backup infielder playing for a franchise who hasn't won anything in close to a century. But nothing wrong with confidence, which certainly fuels everything. Carlos Beltran rips one foul near the Cubs bullpen and it bounces high in the air. Let's hope that wasn't off someone's head. Beltran flies out to left. Lilly strikes out Delgado with a fastball down and in. Damion Easley pops up down the first base line where a back-pedaling Lee gloves it. Speaking of jinxes, Lilly's perfect through two innings.

In all seriousness, Lilly's looked good, changing speeds effectively and hitting his spots. Aramis Ramirez, wearing an elbow pad after getting drilled last night, takes a huge swing at a slider to even the count 2-2. Ball three and four and Ramirez walks. Kosuke Fukudome bounces a single past Delgado, who was holding the runner on, and Ramirez takes third. The man knows how to hit 'em where they aren't. Two-and-two to DeRosa and catcher Raul Casanova goes out to chat with Figueroa. Full count and DeRosa fouls one back. DeRosa takes a close one that just misses the outside corner for ball four to load the bases for the World Series bound Ronny Cedeno. Cedeno quickly falls behind 0-2 after taking a strike and then fouling off one off his hands that he wasn't too happy with himself about. Cedeno fouls off a hanging breaking ball and then takes a fastball down the middle for strike three. That was the opposite of his at-bat last night. Henry Blanco steps up and on the first pitch rolls into an inning-ending double play.

No score

Third inning

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