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Game 3

Live play-by-play commentary of the Game 3 between the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox from, as usual, a guy stuck at his desk--on a Friday afternoon, no less.

Yes, we're stuck at our desk, but it is with distinct pleasure that we bring you this playoff edition of From the Cubicle of this potentially decisive Game 3. It doesn't happen a lot around here, so you've got to savor it while you can. If you're like us and you couldn't get out of work early to watch this game, we're here for you. Well, at least I am. Everyone else has left. Tumbleweed just rolled by my desk, which, by the way, is festooned with bunting.

So sit back, make like you're busy and keep your cursor on the refresh button. The first two games have been quite exciting and this one should be no less.

Freddy Garcia, who's 10-3 on the road, goes for the Sox, while Tim Wakefield, still going with that knuckleball, "pitches" for the other Sox.

The Red Sox appear confident on the outside. After all, they came from three down to take out the Yankees in last year's ALCS and are 8-1 since 2003 when facing elimination. But this is a different team. No Pedro Martinez, no Derek Lowe, no bullpen and really no real Curt Schilling.

This one should be fun.

Today's lineups.

From the looks of the radar there's quite a storm brewing from the southwest. We'll keep you updated. The WGN weather guy not

Baseball soon.

Our director of sales Joe Farrell, a huge Sox fan, just dropped a mop handle off at my desk and taped a picture of a broom inside my cubicle. So what's with the mop, Joe.

"It's the closest thing I could find."

First inning

Chris Berman, Rick Sutcliffe and Mike Piazza are on the call again. I've got to say they've been pretty good, though the Red Sox haven't given Berman much to cheer about. It could be worse. It could be John Miller. OK, let's get this going now. Have a few commercials, ESPN. Scott Podsednik falls behind 0-2 and then is plunked by a knuckleball. Wakefield throws over to first and the ball gets by John Olerud and Podsednik takes second. But Tadahito Iguchi had called timeout, so Podsednik goes back to first. On a 2-1 pitch, Podsednik takes off and is thrown out by Doug Mirabelli. That's hard to do with a knuckleballer on the mound. The Gooch then fans. Jermaine Dye does as well and a good first for Wakefield. It looks like the knuckleball, which is hit or miss, is on so far. It helps that it's kind of warm and humid in Boston. But the Sox are coming up.

Garcia goes full to Johnny Damon before losing him with a pitch in the dirt. Edgar Renteria squares but bunts it foul. He then pops out to Joe Crede near the mound. With a guy on first the Sox forego their shift for David Ortiz that worked so well in the first two games. Count goes full to Big Papi. Damon takes off and Papi lines it right over second base where Juan Uribe was covering. Easy double play. Berman is dumbfounded.

No score

Second inning

I think this mop handle stinks. Paul Konerko goes down swinging. That's three straight for Wakefield. Wakefield then hits Carl Everett. Terry Francona doesn't agree and he's out have a conversation with the ump. The replay shows it's close. I don't think anyone is going to tell Everett otherwise. Rowand, who's got a few taters off Wakefield, grounds into an inning-ending 5-4-3 double play.

Here's Rain Man, Manny Ramirez. Definitely time for Wapner. Manny walks. Trot Nixon strikes out swinging. Bill Mueller lines out to Uribe. Two outs. Olerud works the count full, which means Manny will be running, which means anything could happen. He could run out to right. Olerud fouls it off before taking the next pitch for ball four. Two guys on for Mirabelli, who digs in to a KC & the Sunshine Band song. That needs to be changed. It's starting to rain. Not very hard, though. Mirabelli rips it towards the hole, Crede makes a diving stop to his left and gets Olerud at second.

Still scoreless

Third inning

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