The Bears go for their third straight win today as they face the Titans for the first time ever at The Coliseum. The last time these teams met, the current stadium was not built and they were the Tennessee Oilers.

Bear fans, Adam Caldarelli is at The Coliseum in the Music City today, and you can send him your e-mail questions and he'll find out the answers in the locker room after the contest. Use the form on the right.

Naperville's Chris Brown will be the main man for Tennessee, as he has rushed for over 800 yards so far with five TDs.

Craig Krenzel looks to run his record as a starter to 3-0. The Bears have not won three in a row since the playoff season of 2001.

Adam: Greetings form the town that gave us Jonathan Quinn. Anyone for grits? They serve them every meal down here. At least every meal I've had. Not that I'm complaining.

This is possibly the greatest press box ever. We're exactly 34 rows up. So close I could use a beer. Soldier Field's press box is 34 stories up.

Football related news: Like you're not going to know in about 10 minutes, but Anthony Thomas will start today. Thomas Jones is inactive. The bigger news, however, is that Bill Volek starts at quarterback for the Titans over the injured Steve McNair.

Ho boy, the Titans mascot is a guy in a raccoon suit. And he's freak dancing at midfield.

Football next.

First quarter

It's sunny and 56 degrees in Nashville. The Titans receive and will start at the 27 with Billy Volek behind center. He's an undrafted free agent from Fresno State. Chris Brown gets the call and will lose 3. Titans go to the hurry-up offense and Brown gets back to the line of scrimmage. Volek calls and audible and has plenty of time to pass--he completes to Erron Kinney, but they're a few yards shy of the first. R.W. McQuarters takes the punt and is hit immediately at the Bears 26.

Krenzel rolls to his left and completes to Bobby Wade for a short gain of 4. They try a screen and the pass goes right into the ground. No chance on that one. Draw to A-Train and the Titans were ready for it--no gain. Michael Waddell takes the punt at the 30 and has running room and gets across midfield, but it's called back due to two penalties--a late hit and an illegal block. Not sure how you have a late hit on the return team. Maybe it was a block after the play was blown dead.

From the Titans 46, Brown picks up 3. Volek goes to Shad Meier for a short gain to the Bears 48. Now Volek goes to Derrick Mason and Jerry Azumah keeps him from getting the first at the 45. Titans will go for it. Brown takes the toss and he's nailed. It's close. They're short by a few inches and Brian Urlacher celebrates.

Adam: I guess when Craig Krenzel is the opposing quarterabck you can go for it on fourth down in the first quarter.

Krenzel first-down throw is almost picked off. The pass was low and well behind the intended receiver. No room to run again for Thomas. The O-line is getting overpowered at this stage. So it's third-and-13. Krenzel goes back to pass and is forced to run and he'll slide at the Titans 48, which is about three yards shy of the first. Derrick Mason takes the punt and calls a fair catch inside the 10. Thank you.

Volek will pass on first down and he completes to Drew Bennett for a 20-yard gain. Brown carries for a yard to the 29. Brown has some room straight ahead and gets 7 more. Quick slant for Bennett, but Azumah is there just in time to knock the ball away. Fox says it should have been pass interference. Berrian takes the punt and steps out at the 15.

A-Train runs left and finds a bit more running room this time and gets to the 18. Thomas goes up the middle for a few. Krenzel is under pressure and he'll go down inside the 10. Good coverage that time by the Titans DBs. Maynard punts from the end zone and the Titans will start at their 42.

Adam: Paging Terry Shea: major offensive adjustments needed. The Titans are loading up on the run and in obvious passing situations bringing everything. The Bears have no answer.

Volek takes a two-step drop and lofts one over everyone out of bounds. The Bears bring a few DBs, and Volek goes to the sideline and completes to Ben Troupe for a 3-yard gain. The Bears blitz, but Volek finds Bennett for the first down at the Bears 43. Brown carries and gets maybe a yard. Brown blasts through the middle for a first at the 28.