Halloween night in Chicago and hopefully it will not be a frightening game for rookie quarterback Craig Krenzel and the Bears as they take on the San Francisco 49ers.

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Not sure how much of a treat tonight's game will be with two starting quarterbacks that were not the starters on opening day--Krenzel for the Bears and Ken Dorsey for the Niners. Tim Rattay is out with a forearm injury and we all know about the Bears' QB situation.

Hey, on a bright note, Rex Tucker is back in the lineup for the first time in two years!

ESPN has to be thrilled this game is not going up against Game 7 of the World Series. What a ratings disaster. Not that it won't be anyway with a pair of 1-5 teams.

Football coming up.

Adam: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this game will be anything but good. When the schedule came out the ESPNers had to be hoping for a bit more than a quarterback rematch of the 2002 Fiesta Bowl between Craig Krenzel and Ken Dorsey--a 2004 fifth-round pick versus a 2003 seventh-rounder. Tostitos, anyone?

Fans are slowly filing into Soldier Field on this crisp Halloween night. There are a lot of empty blue plastic seats, but I always say that 10 minutes before kickoff and it usually ends up filling up quickly. Those that are here are vigorously waving the freebie Bears version of the Terrible Towel they received on the way in.

I remember that Bears-Packers game 10 years on Halloween where it was freezing and windy and the rain was blowing sideways. The Bears lost 33-6 and there were almost 20,000 no-shows.

Adam: We just witnessed what no doubt will be the highlight of the game--and it's not even kickoff yet. The flying Elvis just parachuted onto midfield as "Burning Love" played on the P.A. Tight end Desmond Clark leads the Bears through the inflatable Bear head, while Joe Theisman blabbers incessantly on ESPN. By the way, what's the plural of Elvis?

I wonder what the over-under is on this game? Could be an all-field goal affair.

Hey, in 1999, Cade McNown threw three TD passes on Halloween, even though the Bears lost to the Redskins 48-22. Maybe it was someone else wearing a Bears uniform.

The 49ers receive and will begin at their 30. After a loss of a yard on a run and an incomplete pass, Dorsey flips a screen to Kevan Barlow and he gets a few, and the 49ers will punt. R.W. McQuarters returns the punt 25 yards to the 50.

Thomas Jones carries for no gain. Krenzel tosses a bomb to Bernard Berrian and that's a TD folks. Hit Berrian in stride and he took it in. What a throw.

Bears 7, 49ers 0

Adam: It took Craig Krenzel one play to get across midfieldÂ…. and goodbye Jonathan Quinn. Krenzel finds fellow rookie Bernard Berrian deep down the near sideline for a touchdown, the Bears' third passing touchdown all year and first to a wide receiver. Impressive, but I'm still partial to the flying Elvises.

Forgot to mention: a couple 49er cornerbacks are out tonight. The Niners will start at the 32. Fred Beasley carries for no gain and Dorsey goes over the middle for Illinois grad Brandon Lloyd and R.W. knocks it away. The blitz is on the Dorsey goes down. Three Bears were in the backfield on that play. After the punt, the Bears will start inside the 30.

Adam: Brian Urlacher nearly ran right through fullback Fred Beasley on that sack.

Krenzel rolls right and throws it right to CB Jimmy Williams, who promptly drops it. Thank you. Anthony Thomas gets outside and runs for a 13-yard gain to the 42. Olin Kreutz is called for a false start, so that brings it back to the 37. Thomas runs right and gets back to the 42. Thomas Jones has a foot sprain and his return is questionable. Krenzel is sacked as the Niners blow through and it's back to the 37. Krenzel is about to get sacked again, but he tosses a pass to Thomas and he has plenty of running room and brings it to the 49ers 33. Thomas runs for two and Krenzel throws a screen, but San Fran is called for offsides and that'll give the ball to the Bears at the 25.