Today's temperature for the Cubs-Expos game in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is 86 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The Weather Channel says it feels like 93, but I can't confirm this -- I'm two levels below ground in the Tribune Tower.

The thermometer here says it is 76. It feels like 76, but I'm not the Weather Channel so it's not official.

I'm subbing for Adam Caldarelli who is currently covering the Bears. I will try to relieve better than Mark Guthrie did last night.

I will be following the game on a 10-year-old television on my desk. I have been angling for a new television but have been unsuccessful. Maybe this public plea will help — or get me reprimanded. I would listen in on the radio broadcast, but last time I tried, we couldn't get WGN-AM 720 down here even though the Michigan Avenue WGN studio is right above us.

The start of the game is nearing. Mark Prior is on the mound for the Cubs. Prior, who turned 23 Sunday, takes a seven-game winning streak, a 15-5 record and a 2.41 earned-run average into the game. Starting for the Expos is righty Tomo Ohka. He is 8-12, 4.71

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Dennis from Rochester, Minnesota, writes in to tell me that this is how Ronald Reagan got his start—by doing the play-by-play from a ticker tape. Thanks, for the note Dennis. I will invite you up to WGN's TV booth in a few years.

The Cubs-Expos game is being delayed by rain.

Houston's Jim Compton, a lost Chicagoan, writes that I am his eyes to the game. Jim, let's hope this doesn't turn into one of those marathon rain delays because I am getting married in three weeks and my future wife has signed us up for dance classes tonight. I see a potential storm here in Chicago if the rain in Puerto Rico doesn't stop.

E-mail me some ideas for first-dance songs.

Steve from Chicago asks when does it rain in Puerto Rico? Steve, the Cubs are leaving Puerto Rico just in time as a hurricane is forecasted to come into the area in three to four days.

Louisiana's Brad Tyler suggestion would be "On the Wings of Love" by Billy Ocean. He also asks how my future wife would like the last name "Gugger." Brad, she doesn't like it at all. She is disturbed by all the G's.

Brad from Chicago asks me what I am going to do if my wedding conflicts with a Cubs playoff game? Brad, I will be on my honeymoon in Hawaii watching the Cubs.

First Inning

Tom Goodwin hit the first pitch of the game into right field for a single. Womack strikes out. Goodwin gets caught stealing. He was out easily. Not a very impressive steal attempt there. Sammy Sosa reaches on an error and advances to second on a wild pitch. Moises Alou flies out to end the inning.

Looking at the Cubs' lineup, at least I won't have to spell "G-R-U-D-Z-I-E-L-A-N-E-K" as he isn't starting.

Cubs 0, Expos 0

Ross from California writes that Goodwin got his hit for the day and asks if the Cubs should pull him. Ross, did you write this before or after that steal attempt by Goodwin?

Prior retires Brad Wilkerson, Endy Chavez singles and Orlando Cabrera flies out. Vladimir Guerrero hits a foul ball that Eric Karros catches to end the inning.