Welcome to the Bears' final Monday night game of the season--maybe ever. After this season, you've got to think they would have to win the Super Bowl for ABC to stick them back on the air.

You think Dave Wannstedt isn't looking forward to this game? Wanny faces his former team for the first time since getting the ax. The only difference between Wanny now and then is now he's got a real team.

We'll have football soon...

ABC dusted off Bo Derek for the intro in an attempt to make a thin connection between the 1972 Dolphins' perfect record and the Dudley Moore vehicle of the same decade. I guess it beats Jim Belushi, whom ABC trotted out in an early Monday night game this year.

Melissa Stark reports Miami is wearing all aqua for the first time ever. The Bears tried this trick against the Packers this year and it back-fired. Melissa Stark looks like she's wearing something on her head she picked up on Sportsman Park floppy hat day at Wrigley Field.

First quarter

The Bears are called for holding on the kickoff and will start from the 10. ... As scripted the Bears run on first and second down and Leon Johnson, like Anthony Thomas before him, doesn't get squat. ... Jim Miller is sacked around the 5. And, yes, the Bears continue their streak of failing to score on their first possession. They haven't done it all year.

Robert Baker--or is that Deon Dver?--nearly breaks the return but it doesn't matter because the Dolphins are called for holding. Mike Brown is down on the play and he's not getting up.

Brown walks off the field but Damon Moore replaces him in the defensive backfield. Jay Fiedler goes right at Moore and James McKnight makes the catch over Moore. ... Miami runs a double reverse and McKnight picks up another first down. ... Here's Ricky Williams' first carry and he breaks around the left corner for about 10 yards before being tackled by Moore. ... Brown returns. Fiedler rolls right, throws to the end zone but it's behind the receiver. ... Here's Williams again but he runs right into Keith Traylor, the wrong guy to run into. ... On 3rd and 13, Fiedler rolls right and hits McKnight who just drops the ball after heading up field. Mike Brown falls on it and it's the Bears' ball.

Miller throws long on first down but it's picked off by Brock Marion.

So, here's the Dolphins again. Fiedler goes to Chris Chambers, who breaks a tackle for a decent gain down to the Bears' 10. ... Williams runs for about 5 on second down and then is stopped for no gain. ... Fiedler fakes to Williams and then hits tight end Jed Weaver for a touchdown. What, Randy McMichael wasn't open?

Dolphins 7, Bears 0

It's now seriously pouring in Miami. Hopefully we'll get a mud game. Ahmad Merritt falls down on the kickoff, gets up and then gets knocked down. ... Johnson runs on first and second for not much.

Sources tell Melissa Stark it's raining. Bears call timeout.

Unfortunately, the rain has subsided a bit. Johnson flies through a hole for a first down. ... Johnson runs twice more for 2 yards. ... As scripted the Bears throw 5 yards on third and 8 and will have to punt.

There's a flag against the Dolphins on the punt and a rain-soaked Wanny doesn't agree.

Miami starts from its own 10 and runs Williams up the middle for a couple. ... A short pass brings us third and 7. ... Rookie Alex Brown goes right around guard Mark Dixon and takes down Fiedler with one hand. ... Again Merritt has trouble fielding the punt and is taken down at the Bears' 41.

Miller's first-down pass is batted and then nearly scooped up for an interception. ... Johnson's short run brings up another third and long. ... Miller is sacked and flings the ball over his shoulder. It's ruled an incomplete pass. Big break there for the Bears. That should've been something other than incomplete. You can't fling the ball over your shoulder to avoid a sack. Either way, Olin Kreutz is called for a personal foul after the play. Bears will punt.

Madden isn't shy about ripping the Bears' offense and questions why injured Jim Miller is even in there in the first place.