Late start this morning, so let's get right into the action...

The Lions' 13-game road losing streak goes head to head against the Bears' equal opportunity, home-and-away eight-game streak. Something's got to give.

The Bears kick to the Lions and on first down James Stewart runs into the pile for about a yard. ... Joey Harrington throws behind the receiver on second down and it's third and long. Harrington hits Larry Foster just beyond the first-down marker, a gain of 13. ... Cory Schlesinger runs for a few and then Harrington trips over the 30-yard line dropping back and again it's third and long ... and again Harrington finds someone, this time tight end Michael Ricks, for the first. ... The Bears call a timeout for some reason and that gives me time to catch up. ... We're back and Stewart runs for a few up the middle, brining up third and 11. ... The Bears blitz and Harrington cooly finds Stewart over the middle for a third straight third-down conversion. ... Stewart runs straight ahead for two, just inside the Bears' 40. Stewart runs right for not much. Another third and long. ... Looks like a nice day in Champaign. Harrington can't convert this one, missing badly on a desperation dump to Stewart. To make matters worse, the Lions are called for holding and they'll punt. The kick lands on the 1 like a pitching wedge and the Bears will have 99 yards to go.

Our old friend Pat Summerall takes time from his busy Golden Tee schedule to call today's game.

The Bears run Anthony Thomas on first down and it gives them some breathing room out to the 5. ... Chris Chandler lofts one on the money to Marty Booker, who makes an over-the-shoulder catch and falls out of bounds at the 33. ... Thomas runs for a few and then right guard Chris Villarrial jumps and the Bears are backed up five yards for the false start. ... Play action to Thomas, Chandler then throws to Thomas in the flats, he picks up a nice block and is pushed out after an 11-yard gain. Third and 1, which is always an adventure for the Bears. ... Chandler lofts another one to Booker and he burns Todd Lyght again for a big gain, inside the 20. A 40-yard pick up. ... Thomas pounds it for a few and a Lion is down, so we go to commercial.

Hey, I ran into Dan Hampton in the hallway coming in this morning. He gave me a spin to the outside and ducked in the WGN studios. It was very odd rushing in here to do this and seeing him on the way.

Second and 7 from the Lions' 15, Chandler lofts one to the coner of the end zone for Dez White but it's broken up. ... Chandler has to throw it away and that brings out Edinger. Edinger's theatrical set up would make Michael Flatley proud. It's something straight out of "Lord of the Dance." All high kicks and spins. ... His 35-yard attempt looked like it was taken by Flatley; it's wide right. He had made 13 in a row before that miss.

Summerall's partner, Brian Baldinger, is the guy who kept calling Marc Colombo "Marco Colombo" a few weeks ago and he just did it again while explaining Mike Gandy had stepped in a left tackle. It's not like Colombo was some undrafted free agent. He's the team's first-round pick. Apparently no rosters up in the booth.

Harrington's first-down pass is behind the receiver, but he hits the tight end in stride with his next attempt for an eight-yard gain. ... Schlesinger is stopped at the line but the Bears are flagged for offsides. Schlesinger again and he bounces off a few Bears before fumbling the ball. Keith Traylor knocked it out and, I belive, Mike Caldwell recovered. Don't hold me to that. ... Marty Mornhinweg tosses his red hanky; he wants to know if Schlesinger's knee was down. It's close but looks inconclusive.

During the review Summerall and Baldinger engage in a conversation straight out of a Mensa meeting.

Summerall: "Have you ever used the word indisputable?"

Baldinger: "No, I didn't even know it was a word."

Moments later...

Referee Tony Correnti: "There was no indisputable evidence. The play stands on the field."

So there you go.

First down Bears. Chandler runs that same play to Booker again, this time down the left sideline and Booker flat out drops it. Right through his hands. A sure touchdown just hit Memorial Stadium's ersatz grass. Booker grabs and shakes one of the metal barricades in the end zone out of frustration. ... Thomas on second runs for two and then the Lions are nailed for encroachment. ... The Bears need five on third down and they throw it two yards. The math apparently confused the coaching staff. They'll go for it on fourth and Chandler's pass is tipped. End of that drive. Dez White was wide open, by the way.

On the Lions' first play of the drive, James Stewart is nailed in the backfield by Rosevelt Colvin. ... The Bears blitz on second down and Harrington unloads, but it's behind Stewart. ... Third and 12 from the 35 and Harrington throws it right to R.W. McQuarters and McQuarters makes a nice return to the Detroit 15. The ball looked like it was tipped on the line.

So the Bears take over in great shape and give it to Leon Johnson, who runs up the middle and down to the 6. ... Johnson again and he's short of the first down. That's the end of the first.

Second quarter