Welcome to ChicagoSports.com — and a chance to share the Bears game with us.

There are a couple of changes this week. One is that we finally came up with something to call this thing: 'Bear' with us. Here's what we mean by 'Bear': To worry about the offense, to trust the defense, to blame the coaches/officials, and to curse the biased announcers.

Let us know if you like it.

The other change is that George Knue is sitting in for Adam Caldarelli, the man who usually fills this space. Send any complaints to adcaldarelli@tribune.com. You want to talk to me, send it here.

That's it for now — back at ya around kickoff.

First quarter

Can't figure out what's best — kick off or receive? If the Bears kick off, then Drew Bledsoe gets first crack at our defense — and remembering what Aaron Brooks did last week does not inspire confidence. On the other hand, if the Bears receive, you can run Anthony Thomas down their throat.

Think it's receive.

Boy, nice sunny day, great day for football … dang, we kick off. Here comes Bledsoe. Good sign — Bills off-sides on first play. Bad sign — running back Travis Henry gets about 15 on the first real play.

Worse, on the first third down play, Bledsoe hits Eric Moulds for about 35 to put the Bills deep into Bears territory. Knew it — didn't want to kick off.

Flush Bledsoe from the pocket and he dumps one off to put the ball inside the five as Brian Urlacher slips on the coverage. Next play, Bledsoe hits Peerless Price for six.

That looked way too easy — scoring in about four minutes.

Bills 7, Bears 0

Thomas gets the ball on the first three plays for the Bear offense and it's a first down. But the brief success doesn't last long. Big rush forces bad pass, Thomas gets a couple and we get that fan favorite, the wide receiver screen. Guess what? Bears punt.

Bears can't seem to get to the passer, not an unfamiliar complaint. After an incomplete pass, Bledsoe has about 15 minutes to get a receiver — and a first down. Same thing one play later.

At this rate …

Again, Bledsoe finds a receiver for a first down. But whoa — Buffalo's Henry fumbles and the Magic Man, Mike Brown, takes a lateral from Rosie Colvin and brings it home for six.

Can you ever give up on these guys?

Bears 7, Bills 7