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Killer Resentenced After Supreme Court Decision

Killer Resentenced After Supreme Court Decision

For his role in the 1999 kidnapping, robbery and murder of an Avon man, Jamaal Coltherst was sentenced to life in prison plus 71 years.

A subsequent U.S. Supreme Court decision said juveniles could not be subjected to mandatory sentences of life in prison without parole. Coltherst was 17 when he participated in the killing of Kyle Holden. On Tuesday, Coltherst, prosecutors and Holden's father were back in court for Coltherst's resentencing.

Michael W. Brown brought the motion to correct an illegal sentence on behalf of Coltherst, and presented several witnesses and a neuropsychologist, all of whom said Coltherst is not the same impulsive teen who participated in Holden's...