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Bristol: Delays Possible As Road Repaving Begins

Bristol: Delays Possible As Road Repaving Begins

BRISTOL - The city advises motorists that it delays and detours are possible during its fall road repaving.

The roads scheduled for work include Old Turnpike Road, Edgewood Street, Foxwood Road, Cottage Street, Abbey Lane, Church Street, Jacobs Street, Cedar Ridge, Steele Road, Lakewood Circle, Norton Street, Amy Lane, Colony Street, Lillian Road, Houghton Street, Rollinson Road, Greene Street, Salladin Road, Woodbine Street, Armand Road, Munchausen Avenue, Bartholomew Street, Brookside Drive, Rathbun Road, Grace Avenue, Harmony Road and Jerome Avenue between Route 6 and Mix Street.

Crews will cut off the existing pavement and then replace it. Afterwards, the city will...