Office Furniture

Think about the type of office desk and chair that will fit your needs first. If this is your Orlando vacation home, your home office needs may be different. (Pottery Barn / March 23, 2012)

Whether you've just moved into an Orlando vacation home and are creating a secondary home office or you need a change of scenery in your existing office, it's best to start with the main furniture pieces first. Does a classic desk with multiple drawers make most sense for the way you work? Or, do you need a freestanding worktable that the whole family can gather around? Perhaps a repurposed dining table with rolling files underneath is what best suits your style. Once you've chosen your main furniture piece, decide how your desk will work within the overall plan. Do you enjoy being able to look out a window, or are you more likely to stay focused facing a working wall with a calendar, pinboard and notes? A central workstation, around which traffic can flow, is ideal for some workspaces. Decide whether an open plan is best for you, or if you prefer working at a desk tucked in a corner.

Once you've decided on the type of home office desk and chair that best suits your needs, start thinking about the satellite pieces you'll need: bookshelves, filing cabinets, computer trolleys, desk chairs. Match practicality with personal style, and don't limit yourself to “home office furniture” alone, especially when carving a workspace from a guest bedroom or living room.

With the vision of your ideal workspace clear in your mind's eye, you'll more easily recognize the furnishings that will both do the job and delight you when you look up, mid-thought, halfway through a project or assignment. To get more tips on choosing furniture after moving into a new home, visit