We sure don't like our wrinkles! After the on anti-aging goos, readers want to join the conversation. Thanks for your suggestions on other things to try (or reject). In the interest of all of us who want to remain young, here you go: Anna Gunter Kaplan, Rockford, Ill.: I enjoyed your column as I've been searching for new products this past year as my skin has become dry and those signs of aging, fine lines and creases have increased. I have auburn hair and pale, easily irritated skin. I'm a basic soap-water-go person so I wasn't enthusiastic approaching the too many products on the shop shelves. These were my experiences, much like your intrepid team. I tried L'Oreal Revitalift at night. There was some skin irritation and temporary tightening. I finished the bottle and haven't replaced it. Olay Total Effects 7 Signs Serum: it temporarily smoothed fine lines (2-3 hours). I finished the bottle and haven't replaced it. Strivectin: A friend tried it and saw no difference. I thought her under-eye skin looked much firmer but she disagreed. ... And friendship is more important. There were other products like those above I also tried and saw no difference, i.e. I spent too much money this past year trying new products and none seemed to actually change the skin. Thus far, for maintaining skin my best combination for simply looking better is: Wash skin with Cetaphil, nothing else. Olay Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance-free: I apply liberally after each face washing and reapply it if I'm outdoors. My skin absorbs it no matter how much I apply which is a little scary as I wonder what's going on inside my skin. :) It provides a smooth skin base for applying my make-up. Revlon Age-Defying Makeup: This I endorse as it applies smoothly and lightly to dry skin and I found a shade that matches my complexion. It temporarily masks fine lines. So ... if I removed and reapplied make-up at the morning and afternoon coffee break, I'd look "smoother" most of the workday. That's far too much maintenance effort for my taste. To reduce dryness, at night I apply KY Jelly to my skin around my mouth, chin, and around my eyes. The gel holds water against the skin and the skin absorbs it and it's completely non-irritating. Yes, it looks odd but who cares at night. If this idea seems wacko, it was told to me by a hospital dietician; I never would have thought of it myself! For overall dry skin, Avon Silicon Cream is the most effective and soothing cream I've found. And I try to drink lots of water. After this year of experimentation: my skin is softer, more moisturized but lines and creases are still present! As Spring begins, I need to find a high SPF lotion that is non-gooey and non-irritating. I may have to call a dermatologist for that info. If you consider non-surgical medical dermatology procedures, write a column about your team's experiences. Hope your intrepid team of explorers finds at least a small, trickling fountain of youth. Let us know if you do!

Patrice Carden: I read your article "Fountain of Truth" in yesterday's paper and am compelled to write to you because I've been in the same boat where "nothing works" %u2013 no matter how much you spend %u2013 and feel as if I could have written the article myself with the money I've wasted on bad products. I'm a legal secretary in the Loop and have no affiliation with skin care companies. I'm 47 and have been buying literally everything new in the department stores for years, trying to find skin care that makes a difference. I'm providing you and your lady testers the name of the best product line I've found: "Juvenesse by Elaine Gayle". I have been using her skin care for the past five years and, believe me, I wouldn't be going back to her if she didn't mean business. My skin looks better than it did 10 years ago. She is located on North Michigan Avenue and does not sell in the department stores, but does have a large clientele of dermatologists, and is very successful, I believe, in China. Her products range from about $40 to $70, but she does not advertise so your money is all in the product. When I run out of something, after two days I notice a considerable change in my skin's appearance and have to buy her products again %u2013 they are the best. You will not be sorry with the results. If you're interested, her number is 800-949-1211. I have numerous friends who now use her line, and have a relative in Florida who actually calls Chicago for her products. I think I'd like to give up my day job and get into her business because she makes a great product. She has a huge selection of things, but I personally like these the best. 1. XL firming serum (goes on like a liquid and totally firms and tightens your skin in minutes -- the stuff is great) 2. XL co-Q10 wrinkle serum (lightweight cream %u2013 smooths out skin noticeably) 3. Creme de le Creme (great lightweight moisturizer, non-greasy, quick-absorbing, works great) 4. Microdermabrasion scrub (the BEST one-step scrub I've tried anywhere -- non-irritating %u2013 skin will look wonderful when you're finished %u2013 I've tried lots and lots of scrubs similar to this) 5. Gelee (undereye gel that tightens and lifts) I hope I've contributed something worthwhile to your study and hope you'll try these products. Would like to hear back from you ! (P.S. On another note, Estee Lauder's mascara "primer" I've just discovered, and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Never thought I'd want to do TWO steps for mascara, but makes a huge difference, and you spend half the time actually applying your mascara (use "More than Mascara" with it)! The primer makes the mascara just glide on beautifully and your lashes are literally twice as long! Trust me on this one too.) (P.S. Maybe we can get those cellulite creams to work now - eh???)

Mary: Just wondering if you've checked out Ahava's Timeline line of products -- these are made with the Dead Sea minerals and salts. I love the face moisturizer and the eye moisturizer. I can tell you that some eye creams definitely, absolutely work to keep the eye area moisturized while others do not. I actually started getting cracked skin under my eyes when using products I had used for a long time, like Aveda's eye cream. Clinique's moisture surge eye gel was the only thing I found for a long time that prevented that cracking. I think this is unusual . . . I don't know why this happens to me, but the Ahava eye cream also works well for me and I like it better. My skin is actually very wrinkle free and youthful at 52 -- which I think is genes, not necessarily creams, but I've always moisturized well and stay out of the sun, never smoked, etc. But these Dead Sea products are really different, and they really do have therapeutic results for people with eczema and other skin disorders. I think only time will tell with some of these products if they make a difference. But the minerals and salts are unique and medicinal . . . so I think there may be something really genuinely good here. What do you think? You can even smell the sea in the face moisturizer. I'd like to know what people think about Ahava or similar products with Dead Sea salts and minerals. A

Alice Alekman, Inverness, Ill.: I read your column today with a bit of interest. I have used Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv and also Perfectionist, both quite expensive, but I went back to -- and stayed with -- Olay total effects 7x. But I don't use the serum. What I use is just called "visible anti-aging vitamin complex" -- it's a creamy liquid that comes in a squat bottle, rather than the tall serum bottle pictured. It's the same 1.7 fluid ounces, though, and while it seems to be "officially" priced at $18.99 (I think), it's often sold for a dollar or two off at CVS, Walgreens, and sometimes the supermarket. It certainly doesn't feel "too thick," or make my face feel "weighted down," as Cassandra West said in your article. And - here's the best part for you & your concerns -- it contains "broad spectrum UA/UVB sunscreen." I don't recall ever seeing the serum. Maybe it's only sold at Wal-Marts and I don't shop there.

Leslie Hilmer, Stevensville, Ill.: I really enjoyed your page in the paper today. (Especially that you got Phil to participate!) If you want to see a nice difference in the looks of your skin I can recommend a few easy products that you didn't try. First Joey NY Collagen Boosting Moisturizer (there are day and night formulas) give that a couple of minutes to be absorbed. Follow with Joey Line Up. You just need a little bit dotted on your lines and give that a few minutes, too. Then, use some I.D. Bare Minerals make up. Just buff it on and your skin will look fab! Only takes about 5 to 10 minutes total. I am 51 and these three products have made an enormous difference. You can get them at Ulta.

Lauret MacLennan: Dear Wrinkleless Ellen

(From Ellen: I wish) To look younger I date very old men. It's less expensive than the products and they pay for dinner.

Leon Greenberg, Chicago: As a man, I really don't pay much attention to all the junk women insist on putting on their faces. However, after looking at the prices of these anti-aging wonder products, I must say women are absolutely nuts! $285 for a little bottle f face cream? I think you'd be better off spending that on a massage and facial. Also, just wondering if (Tribune restaurant critic Phil) Vettel was tasting the samples or wearing them?

Baiba Kahn, Vernon Hills, Ill.: I read with interest your testing of the various products for anti-aging. I've tried a lot of them over the course of my life, but my all time favorite, and the one that I return to year after year for at least 15 years now, has been the AVON line called "Anew". It is truly a miracle in a jar. I am 61 years old and my face is quite smooth and wrinkle free. Of course you can tell that I am an older person. When I first started using it years ago, even my husband noticed a difference after about a week or so of my using the products. He is not very observant like that. Anyway, I thought you might like to know.

Candy Renwall: LOVED your article in the Trib today (especially Phil V. as resident male tester) and ran to the computer to share my thoughts before my biz day got away from me. Timing of your article just had to be fate because yesterday I got an email from a colleague of mine who pitched me on an idea she has for a new business called "The Makeover Store" : A one-stop shop location providing "vendor neutral" recommendations/guidance on the hundreds of products being marketed for skin and hair (a take off on Sephora's concept but with professionally trained staff and no cosmetics for sale). What obviously is driving the venture is without a doubt the biggest challenge these days for women young and old, and just what your article drilled down to: Wading thru the massive onslaught of new miracle claims for anti-aging, trying to figure out a) what the ingredients are; b) what the ingredients do/don't do; c) what they'll do to your skin; and d) all of the above%u2026and then some. InStyle's annual best beauty products hit the newsstands yesterday so that might be worth looking at for a follow up article. Another source that would be worth looking at would be Paula Begoin, the so-called "Beauty Cop". She wrote the book called "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me"%u2026 it was great but she lost a bit of her "neutrality" when she later came out with her own cosmetics product line. Nevertheless, her online newsletter still gives in-depth, biting analysis of what products will and won't do for women. Worth a look!

Inez Yablong, Wilmette: I have something that will work. My dermatologist recommended ROC which I buy at Walgreens and I love it. My grandson said, "Grammy you used ot have 1,00 wrinkles and now you only have 900." I do not have as many deep wrinkles on my forehead. Tell your readers about this. Also, just wondering if (Tribune restaurant critic Phil) Vettel was tasting the samples or wearing them?

Cherre Neitzka: I did not see that you rated University Medical's Freeze Cream. This product's advertising indicates that it works in minutes. I was intrigued that they would claim this so I tried it. Yes, it works in minutes. My 60 year old face with lines and creases experienced major improvement in minutes. My co-workers did double-takes. They were amazed. I am amazed and still use the product. It can be found in most Wal-Mart stores for $18.00.

Thea Potanos, Oak Park, Ill.: Fun column, but you didn't test some of the anti-aging products that DO work - Retin A and antioxidants like Prevage (prescription strength, not the stuff Estee Lauder sells) and Skinceuticals Vit C AHA serum. Generally I don't waste my money on pricey (over the counter) OTC stuff after trying La Mer, which I found out is just a really nice, expensive moisturizer, nothing more. Instead, I go to a cosmetic dermatologist. No Botox yet. I use a prescription skincare line called Obagi NuDerm which incorporates Retin A, and for me it has worked wonders. Generally it takes about 6 months before you see maximum improvement with stuff like Retin A, Obagi and good anti-oxidants. Another good (pricey and SMELLY) product that works is TNS recovery complex.

JC, Chicago: Contrary to your findings, I've used StiVectin for 2-3 yrs and it DOES work for me.

Cynthia Pike-Fuentes: I LOVED your article today and it could not have been more timely. Just this morning, I was wondering if the $100 bottle of Skinceuticals firming cream really did more than the Olay Regenerist or the Revlon with botafirm or the Roc "serious wrinkle" cream (not that any of them did much). A couple of months ago, Fox Chicago did a comparison between Roc and La Prarie (about $200) and two out of the three testimonials said La Prairie did a better job (and it sure looked that way on camera!) So I suppose I'll keep trying. Like you, being an "aging" (and I can barely admit that) Baby Boomer in a youth obsessed culture is quite a challenge. I am 46 and have two children, ages five and three. And I will NOT allow anyone to think that I am a young grandmother! So the quest in haircolor, anti-aging serums and a good diet and exercise program continues. I look forward to your future columns.

Ann Baker: I enjoy you column - you remind me of one of my high school friends - a compliment! Anyhow, this week's was very interesting. Women of all generations have spent inordinate amounts of money and time fighting the natural aging process. There is so much money to be made with the "I deserve to have it all" Baby Boomers it is frightening. I was blessed to have grown up knowing my grandmother and mother who both embraced aging as a god-given, hard earned time to reap the benefits of a life well lived. Neither wore makeup except on special occasions, both lived the "everything in moderation" credo, and used common sense for every decision. They were spiritual, funny and lots of interests to keep them busy. Everyone commented on how beautiful they were - their inner beauty radiating. Granted, I wish my mother was a little better about explaining some things (shaving legs, tampons, etc) but I realize as I head into my 42nd year (and am struggling with the hair coloring decision) and my shelves are not lined with age-defying lies that hopefully I will slip through middle age and beyond eating right, doing yoga, enjoying life and hope for the best! PS. I was carded at Dominick's a few weeks ago! - although my husband, always the skeptic, questioned the IQ and visual abilities of the person.

Eric Smith, Chicago: I use Iman skin care products daily to maintain my youthful look. She has a multi-step program that includes a soap, toner and moisturizer. And I have to say, it keeps me looking 7-10 younger than the rest!

From Ellen: I usually don't post obviously commercial pitches but thought these two were worth telling readers about in case they want to branch out in your search for the Fountain of Youth.

Linda M. Davis: Wheaton, Ill. Found your article on age-defying products very informative. Seems to be all the rage lately. I am a Skin Care Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and wondered if you have had the pleasure of experiencing our age-defying skin care products? The Mary Kay experience is designed for each product to work together with each other. Reasonably priced, our program is a PH-balanced one that is quick and easy with wonderful results. Of course, consistency is necessary. Even the overnight miracles need to be repeated every day! Once in the habit of the Mary Kay routine, you will be very pleased. We can say that because if you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I am trying to make this short...I am sure you are receiving lots of e-mails. I would like to add that I am 53 years old and have used Mary Kay Cosmetics since I was 28! People have never guessed my age correctly. I am faithful to my program and because of that I feel I am fighting the aging process every inch of the way! If you are have tried Mary Kay in the past, but just wasn't completely convinced, please give it another chance. Our program has changed dramatically in the past few years. Our products are better than ever and easier to apply. Whether is be wrinkles, or just needing a special 'glow', we have something for everyone. My daughters are ages 24 and 11 and they are both Mary Kay girls with beautiful complexions. My website: www.marykay.com/lindadavis