Patrick Flavin of Highland Park High School

Highland Park golfer Patrick Flavin hopes his constant practice over the summer propels his team to the state championship.

Highland Park High School golfer Patrick Flavin hopes to take his team to the state championship, and with his drive and perseverance, he’s well on his way. The incoming senior will compete in numerous golf tournaments this summer in preparation for the coming season.

Head coach Paul Harris calls Flavin “one of the best competitors I’ve ever been around,” and said that “[Flavin’s] desire to strive for excellence on a daily basis has been a big reason why he is one of the best players in the Chicagoland area and has a chance to be one of the best we’ve ever had at HPHS.”

Name: Patrick Flavin

Age/year in school (incoming): 17/Senior

Hometown: Highwood

Sport: Golf

How long have you played golf? I started playing when I was 11 years old.

What do you love most about golf?

It is you versus the golf course and your success or failure depends on you.  It all comes down to a number at the end of the day. 

What are your goals for the upcoming season? How will you achieve them?

To help our team qualify and compete for the Illinois state championship, and to be in a position to win the individual state champion honors. I am competing in a series of national junior tournaments this summer that are providing me a lot of competitive tournament experience.  Also when I am not in a tournament, I practice every day spending a lot of time on short game (chipping and putting).

How do you motivate yourself to train during the summer?

I set daily goals to improve on one aspect of my game which motivates me to achieve those short term goals. I really love the process of working on my game.

What are you looking forward to most next season?

I played baseball and soccer for most of my life and I love being part of a team. I am really looking forward to getting back together with my golf teammates and making it back to the state championship as a team. 

Who has inspired you most in your athletic endeavors?

Jordan Spieth [professional golfer]. Jordan is a family friend and has made it to the PGA tour at only 19 years of age! He shows me that making it in professional golf is possible if you work hard enough.

If you didn’t play golf, what would you be doing?

I would be playing baseball and soccer.