I fully agree with the Tribune’s editorial against locating George Lucas’ proposed Cultural Arts Museum on what is now the Soldier Field parking lot — for an additional reason.

I enjoy visiting the Field Museum of Natural History, often with my elderly mother. For such visits, traveling to the Field Museum by CTA is not an option. At best, parking for the museum is annoying and expensive, involving a long hike by the driver from the lot to the tune of $19 to $22. And that is only if there is no game scheduled for Soldier Field that day.

Recently, I dropped my mother off at the Field Museum’s handicapped entrance and drove off to park. But a game was scheduled for Soldier Field later that day, and no parking spaces were to be had anywhere near the museum. I drove around for an hour, traveling increasingly far afield, with no luck. Defeated, I returned, picked my mother up and drove home again. We never got to see the special exhibit for which we had come.

Now imagine a museum replacing parking spaces at Soldier Field. Even on non-game days, parking for those wishing to visit the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium or the Adler Planetarium would be close to non-existent. This move essentially would close these highlights of Chicago’s attractions not only to me and my mother but also to hundreds of visitors, many of them tourists from all over the world, who now travel to Chicago in large part to visit the three major attractions on the museum campus.

Thus, in addition to diminishing the experiences of Chicago residents and visitors alike, supplanting parking for the museum campus with yet another museum actually would decrease tourism, and the revenue it brings to the city, by making access to these major institutions close to impossible.

— Lisa Yondorf, Chicago