Timika Rutledge-German on Tuesday talks about her son, Cornelius German, 15, who was shot and killed Monday night. (Video by Lolly Bowean, posted April 23, 2013)

After being kicked out of public schools, the teen attended Richard Milburn Alternative School. Earlier this year, he started studying at Kenwood Academy High School, a move his parents hoped signaled a turnaround for him.
He was well known at Milburn, according to a counselor from the school, who spoke at the service. “Had a big heart and was loved by everyone,” she said. “When a child's life is taken... it’s still someone's child. He remembered his mama in the end.”
The woman encouraged German’s friends to put their education first.  “If you love Cornelius like you say you do, I encourage you to stay in school and graduate school,” she said.
Gregory Jones, the principal of Kenwood Academy High School, presented German’s family with a framed copy of the boy’s last hand-written essay. Then he gave them a copy of a resolution the school adopted.
"We embrace the family because we have a common bond that shapes all of our lives," he said.