The Supreme Court just gave America a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution and the concept of liberty with its recent decisions over the last two weeks.

Two of the major reasons our Founding Fathers came to America and risked their lives and fortunes to do so was to experience freedom of religion and to seek freedom from oppressive governments that controlled their lives. That is why the First Amendment they created protects freedom of religion and free speech and why we have a check-and-balance form of government to limit the power of the president to prevent him from being a tyrant.

In its recent Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, Harris v. Quinn and recess decisions, the Supreme Court declared that President Barack Obama and the federal government trampled on the rights of Americans and abused their power.

The Hobby Lobby decision protects freedom of religion and prevents the government from forcing private citizens to commit what they consider to be immoral acts. The Harris v. Quinn decision said that the government cannot force a parent caring for a disabled child to join a union that the parent disagrees with. And the recess decision was the 13th time that the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that Obama exceeded and abused his power.

t is wonderful and appropriate that the Supreme Court made these decisions just before we celebrate the Fourth of July and the birth of the United States of America and our freedom!

-- Randy Rossi, Grayslake