A tumultuous legislative session came to an end on a sour note. 

On May 30, Democrats rammed through an unbalanced budget that was cobbled together with a combination of borrowing schemes, fund sweeps, payment delays and inflated revenue projections that have become all too familiar tactics in state government.

The revenue forecast passed unanimously by the House earlier this year using information from the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability projected Fiscal Year 2015 revenues to be about $34.495 billion, which is significantly less than the nearly $36 million budget the Democrat leadership just approved.

Additionally the budget the Democrats passed includes raiding $650 million of special funds that the state controls. Those funds are earmarked for specific purposes such as the Red Cross. The state has roughly 600 of these special funds that generate revenue from fees and grants.

Instead of sweeping $650 million from specialized state funds or delaying payments to vendors or raising taxes, why don’t we reduce unnecessary spending and cut tax rates across the board to create jobs in Illinois?

Surrounding states are creating jobs, and they have budget surpluses. And what do we have in Illinois? We have high taxes, high unemployment and a bloated, unbalanced farce of a budget.

It is time for Gov. Pat Quinn and his allies in the House and the Senate to spend more time focusing on jobs and less time trying to find new ways to raise our taxes.

-- State Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills