Innovative companies like Uber are leading the sharing economy and changing the way Chicagoans live, work and move. Unfortunately, established industries that are being disrupted by this innovation are working overtime to stop that growth in its tracks, even as consumers are increasingly using ride-sharing and communities continue to benefit from its adoption.

In Illinois, residents have signed a petition to Gov. Pat Quinn urging him to veto two bills that would drive the popular ride-share service UberX out of the state. TechNet encourages the governor to veto HB-4075 and HB-5331. As written, these bills would impede the growth of new and popular transportation options offered by Uber and others, just as the citizens of Illinois are experiencing the advantages of these services.

Public policies in Illinois should foster a climate of creativity and entrepreneurship that allow startup companies a chance to succeed and change the world. By vetoing these bills, Quinn will signal that he is embracing the spirit of innovation that is changing Illinois.

-- Linda Moore, president and CEO, TechNet, Washington